Trials of Mana Riesz Character Class Guide

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Riesz is captain of the Amazon guard and the strong princess who helps protect her home. Her skill with a spear is unmatched, while her ability to use elemental spirits makes her a wonderful asset for any team. In her search for her brother, Riesz becomes an utterly amazing ally who will both see her enemies defeated and make sure her friends stay powerful together.



Locked Abilities: None

Class Strikes: Whirlwind Spear

A tornado stops the enemy in its tracks before a damaging lunge



A strengthening support class. Valkyries can boost all stats to help their allies. They help cover the party’s weaknesses by bolstering their strengths.

Locked Abilities: Army of One

Add 1% of CS gauge when normal attack hits

Class Strike: Lance Surge

Surging point of the lance causes damage


Rune Maiden

A debuffing support class, Rune maidens can weaken an enemy and make it easier for the party to win.

Locked Abilities: Ward Runes

Stat Decreases effect time shortened by 40%

Class Strike: Aerial Lance

A righteous spear thrust from high above the enemy’s head deals damage



A support class with great stamina, Vanadis are a solid presence in the party. They can learn the summoning spell “Freya.”

Item: Brisingamen

Locked Abilities: Mana Blessing

Recover 7% of HP for all allies after winning a battle

Class Strikes: Light Lance

Holy power brings down a rain of lances from the sky, dealing damage to the area of attack



Starlances is a balanced class that can support the party by strengthening them in battle. They can learn magic to boost stats and have their own fair share of stamina.

Item: Evening Star

Locked Abilities: Meteor Light

Effect lasts until the battle ends for status increase caused by move

Class Strikes: Meteor Thrust

Create copies with the power of the stars and jab at the enemy with super speed


Fenrir Knight

Fenrir Kngihts can impede multiple enemies by decreasing their stats. They can lead their party to victory.

Item: Gleipnir

Locked Abilities: Persistent Effect

Stat decrease from move effective until battle ends

Class Strikes: Raging Fury

An explosion of spirit thrust through the lance damages the enemy


Dragon Master

An attack and debuff class, Dragon Masters can raise their attack power and learn abilities like the powerful summoning spell “Jormungandr”

Item: Dragoon Band

Locked Abilities: Winded Protection

Attack increased by 20% when HP at 100%

Class Strikes: Dragon Rend

A wave of fighting energy in dragon form blasts from the tip of the spear at the enemy

Class 4 (Light)


One of the topmost Amazon classes, Meteorites have the stamina of a Vanadis and the support abilities of a Starlancer. They are the bedrock of support that leads their party to victory.

Item: Kind Sphere

Locked Abilities: Light of Relief

Recover 10% of HP for all allies when using a class strike

Class Strikes: Elysium Slash

Holy Power brings a meteor from the sky, dealing massive damage to the area of attack

Class 4 (Dark)


One of the topmost Amazon classes, Brynhildrs can inhibit their enemies like Fenrir Knight and have the attack power of a Dragon Master. They cannot be outmatched in sheer battle know-how.

Item: Kind Sphere

Locked Abilities: Surprise Aid

Adds 35% of CS gauge for random ally when player uses class strike

Class Strikes: Raptor Lance

Thunder strikes while cloaked in fighting spirit and deals massive damage

Our Tips: 

Riesz is a powerful, balanced character that’s great to take into a fight. Although her strength might not be on par with Duran or Kevin, her ability to use many different kinds of magic become a huge asset for any team. Going down the Light path gives her access to elemental, physical and magical buffs that turn a team into a destructive force. The Dark path on the other hand focuses on weakening enemies and taking them out where it hurts most when they have no defenses left. Both paths she can take enable her to learn extremely powerful summoning magic that attack a wide area, making her one of the best for wiping out small enemies or draining boss health away quickly. She’s best with another strong ally but can easily be the strongest force on her team and lead the way to a victory with other companions helping to back her up.

Best Team Composition:

Riesz does extremely well as both attack and support as one of the most-balanced fighters.

  • Light Riesz is extremely versatile in that she makes a great decent attacker who can buff herself and allies. Light Charlotte and Light Riesz can back up a Dark Kevin is delightfully evil ways that turn him into an utter beast that’s nigh unstoppable when imbued with magic and attack increases.
  • Dark Riesz could hold her own with Light Charlotte and Dark Angela as they give her full support from behind and dish out magic attacks and buffs to strengthen their forces with a heavy emphasis on elemental weakness.