Tunche Launches Its Kickstart Campaign With Arena Brawling Demo

Just because the average brawler takes place in an urban environment is no reason to think a good punch-up can’t happen anywhere.  Tunche takes the action away from the mean streets of a downtown metropolis and places it squarely in the Amazon rainforest, letting its group of young heroes pummel mystical beasts and animals into a more docile state on their quest to meet the strange being Tunche.  Each of the four characters has their own reason to seek whatever Tunche may turn out to be, and they all come with their own fighting style to get through the jungle and maybe even survive the final meeting.  Plus they get to beat up the jerk river-dolphin Boutu, which is a pretty nice bonus.

Tunche is seeking funding on Kickstarter, and to prove the game is more than promises and wishful thinking it comes with a free stripped-down version called Tunche: Arena.  It’s a bit bigger than a demo although not quite large enough to be a full game on its own, and it features either eight waves of combat ending in a boss battle or an endless mode where you just try to survive as long as possible.  It only has one of the four characters available, the shaman-fighter Rumi, but she comes with a nice variety of attacks that you can modify before the beginning of each new round.  Combat is fast and Rumi’s moves flow one into the other, but you’ll need to keep an eye on crowd control and try not to get so focused on thinning the herd in front that you forget to keep an eye on your back.  Rumi has a standard and launch attacks, special power moves, plus a mega-magic attack that refills at a generous pace.  It’s a nice arsenal of moves but when the enemies attack in large numbers you’ll need to work her maneuverability to keep the encounter under control.

Tunche launched on Kickstarter today and is already nearing 25% of its $35,000 funding goal.  Tunche: Arena is available right now on itch.io and coming in the next day or two to Steam, so give it a look and beat up some frog-blobs and monkeys to see if it’s for you.