TxK PC Demo Released for Oculus Rift

Remember when you had eyeballs?  It was nice for as long as they lasted, but with the release of the TxK demo it’s probably time to wave a fond goodbye to your ocular orbs as the colors wash away the tattered remains of your retinas.  The catch is that you need an Oculus Rift DK2 to play it, but if you’ve got the hardware it’s available as of right now.

TxK started out as a Vita game, and the PC port came along just as the Llamasoft development duo got ahold of the Oculus Rift.  Initially the addition of VR to TxK was as more of an add-on than full feature, but the more development time went on the more integrated it became.  You can still play TxK without a Rift or the far-off release of Sony’s Morpheus,  but those with the extra hardware will get a major treat as they’re immersed into the web rather than watching the action light up a screen.  I have to admit to having no experience with the Rift version, due to waiting patiently for the final hardware despite all temptations, but if you’ve got one available word is it’s absolutely worth the download.