Ubisoft: Two Years, Too Early For Scott Pilgrim DLC

Ah, Scott Pilgrim. Two years ago you leapt from funnybook pages to movie screens and, in art imitating art, televisions of gamers everywhere in the eponymous video game. While the game was decidely an enjoyable blast from the past, it pulled a Rayman Origins (or maybe Rayman Origins pulled a Scott Pilgrim) in omitting online multiplayer.

Ubisoft answered your pleads and decided just two years later to finally release a paid DLC pack including the online component. The two year delay is understandable; it takes time to add 8-bit content, and it’s likely everyone is still playing the game, so what’s the rush? The DLC was finally supposed to hit XBLA yesterday, but the day passed with no updates. Today, Ubisoft released the following statement:

“The DLC for Scott Pilgrim will be releasing this fall, [and] the PSN version will release during that same timeframe. We’ll have more information as we get closer to launch.”

While it stinks those clammoring to the play the game online will have to wait longer, perhaps it’s for the best. These things take time to create — the last thing we want is some crummy DLC rushed to the market to capitalize on the game’s current popularity.

Source: Joystiq