Unboxing the PS4 Version of Sonic Mania Plus

When Sonic Mania first came out it somehow didn’t manage to get a physical release, despite every other non-mobile Sonic game ever made earning itself a nice copy to add to the collection.  Whether it was a high point like Sonic: Lost World or a more troubled entry like Sonic Boom, if it had the Sonic name on it you could give it a nice home on a shelf until the best entry in the series since the Genesis days came along.

Poor Sonic Mania had a collector’s edition that was a box of stuff without a game inside it, and while it was a nice box of stuff, a major focus of game collecting is to, and this may possibly be overstating the obvious, collect the actual game.  That oversight has been fixed at last with the release of Sonic Mania Plus, which is a super-shiny edition that not only includes the full game enhanced and expanded with two new playable characters and other new content, but also comes in holofoil packaging with an art book.

Sega was kind enough to send a PS4 copy over to tear into, which I got to do with wild abandon.  Or possibly reserved abandon.  I’ll let you be the judge, but however it goes Sonic Mania Plus is a properly gorgeous piece that any Sonic fan should be happy to give a prime spot on the shelf to.