Vlambeer Gives the Gifts for its Third Birthday

Happy Birthday, Vlambeer!  Three years ago two friends came together to create Super Crate Box, and then just kept on making more games because hey, why not?  Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Ridiculous Fishing, the upcoming Luftrausers, and a few other goodies have been the results of that productive period, and for their third birthday Vlambeer is giving away a couple of celebratory goodies.

Some gifts are limited in nature.  I tried a few Luftrausers Steam pre-order codes and gave up after the fourth attempt.  There were only 50, so they’re most likely long gone.  The Vlambeer Soundtrack is still available to download from Bandcamp at the time of this writing, and the Vlambeer & Friends Art Book is more of a mailing list notification than an actual gift.  GUN GODZ and the Wasteland Kings prototype, however, are available to all.

GUN GODZ is a lo-fi gangster rap FPS originally created for the Venus Patrol web site.  Not being a fan in any sense of the word for gangster rap, I’m afraid I won’t be forming an opinion (outside of “no thanks”) on the game.  Wasteland Kings, on the other hand, is the version of the game created for the 2013 MOJAM, and the basis for Vlambeer’s next major effort once Luftrausers and Super Crate Box iOS are complete.  They plan things well in advance, apparently.  Run through a procedurally-generated series of top-down levels, blow away all in your path with whatever weapons you can scavenge, and collect as much cash as you can.  It’s very simple, but feels solid and has that addictive quality where one game quickly leads to another.

It’s been a good road so far, despite a few bumps along the way, and the Wasteland Kings prototype shows a lot of promise for the future.  Three years has yielded a good-sized pile of quality games, and we can’t wait to see what the next several years of development bring.