Welcome to the New Hardcore Gamer

To quote one of the greatest poets of our time, Fatboy Slim: “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

We started Hardcore Gamer all the way back in 2005. At a time when printed media was on its way out, we said “to heck with your facts” and created a magazine. Not only did we do so as others were beginning to fail, but we did so independently. We had a great four year run and saw hundreds of thousands of our issues being read internationally every month. Then 2008 happened and print died (thanks a lot economy and iPad).

Many gaming magazines died, never to be heard from again, but we decided to buck the trend once again and stick around. And with that crazy notion, HardcoreGamer.com was born. The same staff, same editorial focus and independent fun of the magazine was transferred online.

In Early 2012, we decided to relaunch the website into a more accessible style. For the last year and a half, we’ve been running on this design. We were quite fond of it, but we never felt it matched the level of content we were pushing out on a daily basis. We knew things needed to change. So finally in March of this year, after much talk, we put our words into action and moved forward with a site redesign.

But this isn’t just a mere cosmetic change. For the first time in our history, we designed a website from the ground up. Everything you see here is our original creation that we made sure looked and functioned as well as it could possibly could.

You dedicated fans might be jarred at first with the overhaul; but fear not, although our looks are changing, our editorial focus isn’t. You’ll still see the editorials, breaking news, reviews and previews you’ve grown to love, now presented in an easier to access and prettier way.

We won’t run through all of our changes (because there is a lot of them), but we think you’ll see them as you get reacquainted with the website the next few weeks. The one thing that might confuse you is the lack of “deals” in the latest stories feed. Those still exist, but have now been segregated to their own sidebar on the front page and section right here. It’s no secret we post a lot of deals, and after some market research, we’ve found that most people who come to the site for the deals do so exclusively for the deals, and those who come for other reasons find that our deal posts take away from our other content. We think our new set-up when it comes to these articles is ideal for everybody.

Please note that this is a soft launch and that the site is not 100% yet. The mobile site is a work in progress and you may encounter bugs or see things that don’t look as good as they should in the next few days, but fear not, they will soon be ironed out.

What you’re seeing is a culmination of six months of hard work full of our sweat, tears and constant anxiety. We think you’ll like what we’ve done, and even if your reaction is “oooh, pretty” before you move along with your day, then that’s good enough for us.

Thank you so much for your dedication to our brand these past nine years. We can’t wait to step forward with you into the future and make our next nine the best they can be.