Where to Find the Workshop, Storage and Memory Altar in Bloodborne

Like practically everything else in Bloodborne, its key features aren’t exactly spelled out, which will leave many players scratching their heads running in circles. Thankfully, we’ve decided to highlight three features — Workshop, Storage and Memory Altar — that aren’t readily apparent to save you some time.

To cut to the chase, all three can be found inside the church on the top of the hill in Hunter’s Dream. The doors to it open after a small amount of time has elapsed in-game.

Likely the most essential of the three, Storage allows players to keep essential items for safe keeping if they run out of the maximum allotted. Items will be sent to storage automatically once the threshold is hit, so simply head here to pick up any extra items you still own once your inventory has been exhausted. Make sure to tap the trigger buttons to properly cycle between equipment and storage:


Next up is the Workshop, where players can enhance their weapons with the help of Blood Gems acquired through their adventure:


Finally is the Memory Altar where helpful Caryll Runes can be equipped. The Rune Workshop Tool is essential to access this, which is available in a small basement in the same room as the Witch of Hemwick.


And that’s all folks. Stuck on trying to figure out multiplayer? Head over here for our handy guide.