Xbox Support Twitter Account Receives A Tweet Asking For Help…From Xbox

These newfangled consoles are just so dang hard to figure out. When I first unpacked my Xbox One, I crammed the Kinect into the microwave, tied the cables in a knot, and for some reason I still couldn’t get it to play my VHS tapes. Luckily, Xbox Support was there to help me through the process and get my new console up and running. It turns out I wasn’t the only complete moron who couldn’t figure out how to set up their console and the Xbox Support Twitter account receives numerous tweets every day from people like myself. The console is apparently so complicated that not even Xbox knows how the hell to work it, if the following tweet they sent out to @XboxSupport is to be believed.


You’re seeing that right. That is the official Xbox Twitter account sending out a tweet to the Xbox Support Twitter account asking them for help fixing their new Xbox One. You can tell the demand for the Xbox One has been high, because the Xbox itself hadn’t even received an Xbox One until now. That is some sort of metaphysical paradox that I can’t even begin to contemplate, probably because my mind is already too busy trying to figure out the scenario that this tweet was sent out that makes even the slightest bit of sense. Right now my most logical scenario is that somewhere out there, an Xbox One gained sentience, attempted to purchase another Xbox One and couldn’t figure out a way to connect the Kinect camera without any functional hands. The tweet has since been deleted, but through the magic of the Internet it has already been saved forever for everyone to see and laugh at.

If I was a paranoid sort, I would say it looks like someone with access to the official Xbox Twitter account had a second account that they meant to sent this tweet from and forgot to switch accounts before doing so. What would the reason for this be? Possibly to lob an officially sanctioned softball question at the support staff as an excuse to post a “how-to” for a commonly asked question that wasn’t being asked via Twitter for some reason. Alternatively, maybe the individual that runs the Xbox Twitter account is just really, really bad with their Xbox and couldn’t be bothered to send out a full email to the guy the next cubicle over. Whatever the reason, next time you’re struggling with your Xbox One, don’t feel bad. They don’t know how to get their Kinect to work over at Microsoft, either.