Assassin’s Creed Origins Tomb Guide: Uab Nome

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1. Tomb of the Cynic: This tomb is extremely easy, just kind of big and lion infested. A dead cow and a wake of vultures mark the entrance into the tomb. When Bayek enters the tomb he is in a large room with some minor treasures, red oil jugs and lions. This can be explored, but if you’re only after the Tablet just hug the left wall and keep following the path back. There is a male lion on the way that is sometimes awake that has to be dealt with, either through violent means or if Bayek has the Tame Animal skill unlock a sleeping dart can make him a pet. Otherwise just stick with the path and eventually Bayak will be in the Ancient Tablet room. After he reads it just go through the crack in the wall to his right and back to the good old blistering desert sun.