Best of E3 2017 – Day Three: Fighter, Adventure, RPG, Shooter, Action

Over the next five days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of E3 2017 Awards leading up to our Game of Show. Today we present you with the Best Fighter, Adventure RPG, Shooter and Action games.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The secret was revealed last year that the staff at Hardcore Gamer is a violent and cantankerous bunch, and things have not improved. If anything they’ve gotten worse with Jason trying to crush and smother people, Steve is in a constant state of roid rage, and Chris has discovered the joy of oleoresin capsicum. Thankfully, the staff is spared from Kevin having to use his weaponized SARS since we can settle disputes with a fighting game, and the reigning champion of this E3 is Dragon Ball FighterZ. Based on the popular anime, Dragon Ball Fighterz employs the 3v3 team battle formula used by the Marvel vs Capcom series but somehow does a better job of it. With Arc Systems Works at the helm of the development, Dragon Ball FighterZ will likely have the same level of gameplay quality found in the BlazBlue and Guilty Gear titles with their top notch animation.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pokkén Tournament DX Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Absolver

The Last Night

Fans of adventure games stuck through some very rough years to be rewarded with awesome new games from teams like Telltale Games, Daedalic and others. Of course, the indie scene is also bustling with incredible talent. Case in point, just take a look at The Last Night. Its E3 debut enthused not only adventure game fans but the general gaming populace. It just looks like an incredible cyberpunk adventure inspired by classics such as Flashback and Another World. With that said, The Last Night brings those titles to the modern era with even more cinematic flair and absolutely jaw-dropping visuals. We expect compelling gameplay and a seriously involved story to wow us when it launches next year.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm Last Day of June Detroit: Become Human LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a title that really embraces the meaning of role playing. Pretty much anything a tracker can do is translated into the game and given a fantasy slant. The annoyances that could be found in previous titles in the series have been sidelined or resolved to create a truly interesting experience. Nobody was surprised that a new Monster Hunter would be announced. What is surprising is how Capcom has managed to make it more user friendly without removing the depth that earned the series its popularity in the first place. This is a true accomplishment, making this title one of the most impressive games out of this year’s E3 and earning its spot as the best RPG.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Shooters come in many different flavors, from run and gun, tactical, stealth and even role playing. This year’s E3 shooter crop was not hurting for representation across most of these categories, but one managed to trounce them all: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The demo available for play showcased the game’s opening moments, with hero BJ Blaskowicz wheelchair bound and barely able to traverse the corridors of the hospital that he is attempting to escape, something that doesn’t represent how the rest of the game will play. Using this as a demo was a gutsy move on Bethesda’s part, as power fantasies are typically what earns the accolades. The risk paid off, as it offers the promise of invigorating action and a healthy dose of a deep and interesting plot that will be found in the final product. Minor environmental puzzles combined with Nazi exploding microwave traps and bloody gunplay to create the most exciting shooter game available at E3, and one of our most anticipated games to follow this year.

Star Wars Battlefront II Call of Duty: WWII Destiny 2 Far Cry 5

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Insomniac Games is best known for developing cool toys for players to play with and then putting them in a world they want to play in. We knew last year they were making a Spider-Man game, but this was the year they finally showed it off. It was fantastic. Other titles may have had larger-than-life beasts or assaults on fortresses, but Marvel’s Spider-Man filled us with excitement thanks to it’s insanely slick action. Seeing Spider-Man leap from his perch, kick an enemy off the side of a building and then web him back in for a final punch was breathtaking. A pulse-pounding race through New York City showed off the best web-slinging mechanics since Spider-Man 2. Marvel’s Spider-Man was fast, fluid and provided the most slick action out of any other game at E3 2017.

God of War Assassin’s Creed: Origins Middle-earth: Shadow of War Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

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