Best of E3 2019 – Day Four: PC, PS4, XBO, Switch

Over the next five days, Hardcore Gamer will be revealing its Best of E3 2019 Awards leading up to our Game of Show. Today we present you with the Best PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch game.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal may be available on PS4, Xbox One and Stadia, but let’s be honest. Doom has, and always will be, best on PC. As such, it should be no surprise just how well Doom Eternal played with a mouse and keyboard in hand. Running at an enhanced resolution and a high framerate, the game ran flawlessly. The fast-paced shooting and dodging required lightning-fast reflexes and twitch movements that you can only find when playing with a mouse and keyboard. Even when testing the game with a controller it still managed to feel so smooth and precise. The advanced hardware rendered a stunning game with intricate details that likely won’t be present in other versions of the game. Every now and again a game comes along that’s just clearly meant to be played on a platform. At E3 2019, Doom Eternal proved that this is one of those games and that it belongs on PC.

Evil Genius 2 The Outer Worlds Maneater Remnant from the Ashes

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Sony Interactive Entertainment may have sat out E3 2019, but their third-party partners sure didn’t. Of all the great PS4 games on display, it was Final Fantasy VII Remake that stood head and shoulders above the rest. The game is ingrained in PlayStation culture, but that’s not the reason it’s the best PS4 game of E3 2019. Final Fantasy VII Remake successfully delivered on its promise of bringing the classic game to life in a new and exciting way. The new combat system blends together elements of action and turn-based RPGs to create something wholly unique. Square Enix is using the full power of the PS4 to render Midgar and the beloved characters in astounding detail. The result is an impressive game that may be a remake of a twenty-year-old game, but still feels unique enough to stand on its own. Final Fantasy VII Remake is finally almost here and E3 2019 proved it has been worth the wait.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers Dying Light 2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Knights and Bikes

Gears 5

Microsoft had a lot to showcase at E3, but it was clearly Gears 5 which left the biggest impression out of the Xbox One exclusives. Continuing the where the story left off in Gears of War 4, Gears 5 centers on returning hero Kait Diaz, delving into her family’s past with echoes of the Locust Queen from the original trilogy. A common concern as the sequel numbers grow higher is how will the next installment keep things interesting while maintaining what made the franchise memorable in the first place, and one such example of this is the new multiplayer Escape mode. Working as a team to infiltrate an enemy base, plant explosives and escaping was just as exciting during the E3 demo as the original Gears of Wars was over a decade ago. The enemies we faced were imposing and deadly, which made taking them out through visceral ranged and melee combat that much more satisfying. Gears 5 will be out in a just a few short months on September 10, and from what we’ve seen so far, there’s no sign of these gears sticking.

Ori and the Will of the Wisp Bleeding Edge Battletoads Cyberpunk 2077

Pokémon Sword and Shield

The Pokémon franchise has long been a staple on handhelds. Sure, Nintendo home consoles got a few Pokémon games, but those were all spin-offs. With Pokémon Sword and Shield, Nintendo is finally bringing the main series to consoles via Switch. So, is the leap worthwhile? Absolutely. Sword and Shield takes full advantage of the more advanced hardware to deliver a Pokémon game at a scale never seen before. The world is grander with more details and intricacies that are only made possible on more powerful hardware. NPC characters and Pokémon look fantastic in HD, and new animations and effects make battles more visceral. Though the gameplay hasn’t changed much, meaningful additions like Dynamax give battles an additional layer of strategy. What we got at E3 2019 was just a taste of what’s available in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and we can’t wait to see more of what Game Freak and Nintendo have in store for us.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Hollow Knight: Silksong Sayonara Wild Hearts

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