Casual Corner: The Silent Age

We know how it is. You worked hard for your 10:1 KDR, but sometimes, you just want to take five, relax and enjoy a quick game on your phone. Unfortunately, finding good games is anything but quick – most mobile gems end up buried under a mountain of trash. But like we said, we know how it is, so every month we shine a spotlight on a great diversion to get you through the work week.

If you’re a fan of point-and-click puzzle games, then this month is for you. For this Casual Corner we’ve played The Silent Age, a game where you travel through time to save the world from impending doom.

You play as Joe, a simple veteran with a simple job cleaning a company. Unfortunately you stumble upon a man that’s been shot and uses his dying breaths to leave upon you a mission. Find him in the future so that he can save the world. That’s how things kick off and from there you traverse through a series of chapters unfolding the story bit by bit. The story is a little slow, but it’s a point-and-click game so that’s to be expected.

Mechanically The Silent Age is solid, and I know what you’re thinking; “well it should be it’s point-and-click.” What I mean by that is that you don’t have any issues with your clicks registering and it’s simple to use items in the environment. If you have any issues with this game it won’t be because you can’t accomplish what you want. It’ll be because you’re either bored or can’t figure out a process.

The story that Joe goes through is interesting as well. To start things out the game shows you his beginnings in the military and his his odd jobs up to this points culminating in where he is today. There’s nothing special about Joe and he’s been thrusted into a situation where he’s in the center of a murder investigation and has to time travel to save the world. The way the game handles the story and character development is done well too. You get nice bits of the world through Joe’s eyes when you click on the random items in the world. Just about everything is clickable and Joe thinks something about it. He has a nice personality to figure out through that.

Adding to the game’s charm is the nice use of the The Silent Age’s simple graphics. The Silent Age is 2D, but done incredibly well. I’m not going to pretend to know anything about art, but the world looks great and has life to it.

Interested? You can download The Silent Age for free here for Android and here for iOS.

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