Casual Corner: Will it Crush?

In hindsight, calling ourselves “Hardcore Gamer” pigeonholed what we could cover. Many sleepless nights go by with our writers tossing and turning because they can’t write about the latest Farmville update. It’s for that reason and that reason only — and because somebody registered the Casual Gamer domain before we had a chance too — that every month we present to you a quick look at a mobile game that deserves your attention regardless of its place on the gaming spectrum.

Are you tired of the run-of-the-mill mobile games? Puzzle games and endless runners that are all seemingly the same just reskinned to look slightly different. If you need a break from the monotony we may just have something for you in Will it Crush? by Voodoo.

Will it Crush? is a mobile game where you operate two rollers crushing blocks. Squares, or “minerals” as they like to call them, will fall seemingly from the sky and will be destroyed by the rollers that will then give you money to buy upgrades for the rollers. These upgrades will allow you to destroy more minerals and collect more money to do the same thing over and over and over again. You may be asking how is this fun? Well, it’s mindless, but the best sort of mindless. You just sort of lose track of time as you tap this screen for nothing and get rewarded. It’s just like the other games, but there isn’t any sort of intellectual or emotional attachment.

To play Will it Crush? you literally have to do nothing. Yes, nothing. If you just install the game, boot the app and stare at the screen, it will do everything for you. The rollers automatically roll and the minerals fall from the heavens. Now, the right roller can be tapped for it to go slightly faster, but that just allows money to be collected a little faster. The real goal, similar to that of life, is to make money while doing absolutely nothing because you have a well-oiled machine doing it for you.

So you’ve got these rollers and this money. Is that it? No, my friend. Now you get to spend that money. Every dime you collect can go towards upgrades for your rollers. You upgrade options are Speed, Power, Reducer, Gravity, Tooths, Tooth Size and Marketing. Speed is how quickly the rollers spin, Power is how strong they are when it comes to breaking the blocks, Reducer cuts the speed in half but doubles the power and price of each mineral, Gravity is how quickly they fall, Tooths are how many teeth are on each roller, Tooth Size is the size of each tooth and Marketing is the price at which the mineral sell.

All of these things contribute to money being made quicker, which in turn allows more upgrades to be purchased. The best part is that even if you aren’t playing the game you’ll still collect money because it runs in the background. So all you literally have to do is start up the game and just watch it do its thing. There is one major downside and it’s the same one repeated across all free games.

It’s ads. They’re here and they’re here in abundance. Occasionally one of the minerals you collect will be sold for a bonus. A big yellow square will be flashing in the top right corner and if clicked in time a random dollar amount is collected. Marketing increases this by a good margin. Once you click on this or level up you’ll be treated to an ad and per usual you have to watch it until the glorious X appears to make it go away. There is a workaround, however, and that’s to disable the app using cellular data and then you’ll be home free.

If you’re in the mood for a game where you can kind of mellow out, Will it Crush? could be right up your alley. If you’re interested you can download it here for Android and here for iOS.

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