Collector’s Cabinet: Monster Hunter Rise Stubbins Plush Collaboration

There’s only one thing better than playing games and that’s collecting every piece of merchandise tied to them. There was nothing like flipping through your favorite gaming magazine and seeing a profile of a limited edition collectible or discovering a piece of memorabilia from a beloved game in an overlooked corner of a shop and it’s a feeling we strive to replicate every month as we look through our own collector’s cabinet and dig out items new and old to show the world.

Capcom is no newcomer in the merch department, from Street Fighter to Mega Man there are slews of ways to show off ones favorite games from their massive library. Monster Hunter is a series that up until recent years didn’t get a ton of opportunities for western fans to enjoy the property through merch. The only real way to get hands on some of their figurines and plushies was through conventions or imports. Fortunately that has changed since its Rise in popularity leading to tons of new collaborations. In comes Stubbins, a well known collaborator of plushies who has worked on tons of different video game franchises such as God of War, Ratchet & Clank and of course most recently their collaboration with Monster Hunter. We have had the opportunity to check out the four different styles of plushie that Stubbins carries in their Monster Hunter line and see just how well they’re up to snuff as snuggly companions or collectible display items for fans.

For those hoping to get a plush companion they can squish and squeeze, or give to a loved one to do the same, the Vanilla and Chocolate Palico plushies fill that role perfectly. These are based on the two main types of wild Felyne found in the world of Monster Hunter. While normally friendly, they’ll attack if provoked and are likely to steal an item or two, but their plush alternatives have no such mischievous activities planned as far as we’re aware. The plushies come in two different sizes; a modest 10 inches (approx 25cm) and the much larger 18 inches (approx 45cm). These are designed to be perfectly squishy and fun to squeeze and would make a great pillow to hug or lay down on for a few minutes. The material feels rather close to a soft velvet texture, making it pleasant to casually pet or make lines in the colored fabric. The sewing and seams are wonderful quality with no visible or physical issues apparent. The outlines on the face and stomach marking are the only parts that aren’t super soft, but still not unpleasant to the touch at all, though if actually being used as a pillow it’d probably still be more comfortable to rest on the fluffy felyne rump.

The other two plushies in this lineup consist of a Palico and Palamute completely decked out in their starting Kamura Village gear. These are sitting plushies, posed and weighted well enough they can sit comfortably on any flat surface without falling over. They come at 12 inches (approx 30cm) tall so for any display exclusive purposes they’d need an open or large area to do so. Some of the clothing they wear is printed on the main body of cloth itself, but most of it is other fabric materials which adds to the overall quality in appearance. The only drawback with the outfits is the Kimura symbol, whose material is a bit of a rough and sharp felt. It’s entirely fine for adults obviously, but any child who might play or sleep with it might poke themselves with the sharp corners. The rest of the material doesn’t suffer this fate fortunately, and is nice and comfortable. They’re also extremely-detailed little plushies,with  lots of gorgeous patterns on the clothing material and plush itself. As with the other Palico the sewing and seems on the plushies are fantastic, with a particular amount of detail being put into the eyes that make them adorable to start into. This 12 inch duo is better suited for displaying, but they could be a beloved toy for older children as well.

Overall the quality of these plush characters is fantastic. It comes down to personal preference of course, but our favorites would probably be the 10 inch Palico and the 12 inch Palamute. The small squishy Palico fits comfortably in a lap while sitting down, making it nice to just squeeze and hold while doing other things. The Palamute is utterly adorable with a stern look and lovably-detailed outfit that just screams “good boy” when it’s on display. For those curious on prices, the costumed Palico and Palamute run at $24.99 a piece, while the small 10 inch Palico is available for $19.99 and the larger one comes in at $29.99.

There’s no shortage of Monster Hunter merch out there, but Stubbins has supplied fans with a a handful of new options that are well worth picking up for anyone who has garnered even a bit of interest. From the utterly-adorable squishy Palicos to the wonderful display Palico and Palamute companions, these are endearing high-quality plushies that deserve a look. The only other thing to say is it would be nice if the 12 inch Palico and Palamute had slightly smaller alternatives, but given the amount of detail on them, that might be lost as it’s a compromise that must be made for quality. Fans of the franchise though will still likely be delighted and thrilled with the overall quality here without the import costs. Next we just need someone crazy enough to start making these of all the monsters, but we’ll make do with the adorable animal companions for now.

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