Collector’s Cabinet: Monster Hunter Rise’s Collectable Assortment

There’s only one thing better than playing games and that’s collecting every piece of merchandise tied to them. There was nothing like flipping through your favorite gaming magazine and seeing a profile of a limited edition collectible or discovering a piece of memorabilia from a beloved game in an overlooked corner of a shop and it’s a feeling we strive to replicate every month as we look through our own collector’s cabinet and dig out items new and old to show the world.

Monster Hunter
is a franchise that’s far from shy from merchandise. From the insanely-marketable monsters themselves to the slew of adorable and memorable characters throughout each individual title. Plushies, high-quality figurines and even a cook book are just a few of the different kinds of goodies the series has had on offer. With the series’ latest entry coming to Switch, it’s no surprise that it got a collector’s edition, but not just one in fact, but multiple based on region or retailer. Long-time fans of the series in Japan may be more familiar with the original system and bonus goodies the series has gotten there, but that only became recent in the west when the series started making more of a splash on 3DS, which would ultimately lead to cool goodies for Monster Hunter World and Iceborne. This time we’re going to look at the slew of goodies released in tandem with Monster Hunter Rise from the Switch system itself to perhaps one of the most adorable and ridiculous things Capcom Japan has ever offered.

There’s a long history of Monster Hunter getting exclusive system tie-ins starting with the PSP, so it was no surprise that Rise ended up with a Switch system as well. In fact, this is actually the second Monster Hunter themed Nintendo Switch system to be released, but the Rise edition is much sleeker both in design and the fact that it got a pro-controller tie-in available separately. The Joy-Con for the system are a nice matte grey with black and golden arrows surrounding the analog sticks while the Kamura Village symbol sits in the bottom corner of each. On the back we have a hellfire motif based on the flagship Magnamalo with more Kamura symbols in the shape of the starting armor and some addition symbols on the back of the Joy-Con. It’s a shame the special edition Switch suffers from not being able to customize the kickstand which cuts off the design, but it still gets the point across. The dock meanwhile matches the pro-controller, with a golden print of Maganamelo has his hellfire rains down around the Switch logo. The pro-controller also carries the black and gold arrows around the analog stick, making for a subtle but gorgeous design.

With the announcement of amiibo for the series it made a lot of sense to do a tie-in with these for a Collector’s Edition in North America. The exclusive set included the extra large Magnamalo amiibo, a Kamuura village pin and a variety of stickers in addition to the game itself. The stickers include a great selection of monsters with Magnamalo, Tetranadon, Rathalos, Aknosom, Arzuros and Great Izuchi making the cut. There’s also a small monster with Bombadgy, seemingly included for its hilariously round shape. The Palico and Palamute also receive stickers, in addition to a simple logo for Rise as well. While they weren’t included in any special edition, the Palico and Palamute amiibo are still worthy additions to any Monster Hunter Rise collection as well. In other countries like the UK players could get a collector’s edition with a special steelbook, but in North America all it took was ordering a copy of Monster Hunter Rise from Best Buy to get one.

By far the best collector’s edition for Monster Hunter Rise came out of Japan. Capcom’s official website is known for having fantastic exclusive editions, and this time they went all out with a giant plush of the Palamute companion that’s brand new to the series. There were various versions available in Japan with this plush including ones with an acrylic stand or leather carrying case, but just the one was picked out of the bunch to add to the collection. This thing is massive, but in its curled up pose it makes easy to rest on ones lap or set up like a real sleeping dog at the end of a bed for display. It’s surprisingly soft and well made, with perhaps the best feature being the inclusion of paw pads on the bottom of each foot.

Pro Controller Included for Adorable Size Comparison

These are most of the fantastic collector’s items that came out surrounding Monster Hunter Rise, in addition to extra amiibo friends. Some of them, like the pro controller, are still available for order at retailers like Amazon for MSRP, but many are unfortunately out of stock. For those who don’t mind the import costs the massive Palamute plush is still occasionally going up for sale but it’s already $100 before import costs, so be sure to check shipping before diving into that adorable friend. The Steelbook from Best Buy also appears to be sold out, but they will occasionally restock them for those ordering the game later. The one collector’s bonus not featured here was the one seen in the UK which included Palico and Palamute keychains, which is out of stock at time of writing due to being a pre-order exclusive.

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