D4 | All Diablo 4 Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

The new Battle Pass in Diablo IV offers various rewards, such as cosmetics and premium currency, as you make progress in the game. These cosmetics are purely aesthetic and have no impact on your character’s stats. So, you won’t miss out on any essential armor or weapons. It comes in three versions: Free, Premium, and Accelerated.

Progressing through the Season Journey and completing objectives allows you to earn Favor, advancing the Free Battle Pass. As you advance, you’ll gather Smoldering Ashes, which can enhance the rate at which you gain experience, Gold, resources, and other in-game benefits.

All Free Battle Pass Rewards

The Free version of the Season 1 Battle Pass includes 27 tiers of rewards, such as cosmetic items, player titles, and Smoldering Ashes, which can be used for experience boosts, Gold enhancements, and other seasonal character bonuses. These boosts have level requirements and are exclusive to the Free Battle Pass.

Tier Free Reward Type
2 Free Artisan’s Tunic Cosmetic Chest Armor
5 Free Balanced Sword Cosmetic Sword
8 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
12 Free Artisan’s Knickers Cosmetic Pants
16 Free “Survivor” Title Suffix
18 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
22 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
23 Free Artisan’s Boot Cosmetic Boots
25 Free Balanced Dager Cosmetic Dagger
28 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
32 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
35 Free Balanced Mace Cosmetic Mace
36 Free Artisan’s Bracers Cosmetic Gloves
38 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
42 Free Balanced Wand Cosmetic Wand
45 Free Banner of the Malignant Mount Trophy
48 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
49 Free “Eldritch” Title Prefix
52 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
58 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
62 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
68 Free Smoldering Ashes X2 Currency
72 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
77 Free Smoldering Ashes Currency
78 Free “Monster” Title Suffix
82 Free Smoldering Ashes X2 Currency
88 Free Smoldering Ashes X3 Currency

All Premium Battle Pass Rewards

The Premium Battle Pass consists of an additional 63 tiers, offering exclusive Cosmetics, Emotes, and Player Titles specific to that season and Platinum currency that can be used at the in-game shop. It costs 1,000 Platinum.

Tier Premium Reward Type
1 Premium Coldiron Barding Mount Armor
3 Premium Coldiron Vessel Cosmetic Focus
4 Premium Heartglow Lantern Mount Trophy
6 Premium Strength Test Emote
7 Premium Coldiron Sagaris Cosmetic Axe
9 Premium Coldiron Aegis Cosmetic Shield
10 Premium Coldiron Hauberk Cosmetic Chest Armor
11 Premium Coldiron Jambiya Cosmetic Dagger
13 Premium “Lurking” Title Prefix
14 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
15 Premium Balanced Axe Cosmetic Axe
17 Premium Watch Those Fingers Emote
19 Premium Coldiron Shear Cosmetic Scythe
20 Premium Coldiron Breeches Cosmetic Pants
21 Premium Coldiron Lamina Cosmetic Totem
24 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
26 Premium Coldiron Headsman Cosmetic Two-Handed Axe
27 Premium Karamat’s Bane Mount Trophy
29 Premium Cage Puppetry Emote
30 Premium Coldiron Bracers Cosmetic Gloves
31 Premium Coldiron Recurve Cosmetic Bow
33 Premium Coldiron Greaves Cosmetic Boots
34 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
37 Premium Dagger Tap Emote
39 Premium Coldiron Bastard Sword Cosmetic Two-Handed Sword
40 Premium Coldiron Casque Cosmetic Helm
41 Premium Thoughtful Examination Emote
43 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
44 Premium I Will End You! Emote
46 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
47 Premium Talisman of the Cage Mount Trophy
50 Premium Awoken Coldiron Bracers Cosmetic Gloves
51 Premium Coldiron Estoc Cosmetic Sword
53 Premium You Will Die! Emote
54 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
55 Premium Malignant Censer Mount Trophy
56 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
57 Premium Gilded Coldiron Pillar Cosmetic Staff
59 Premium “Malevolent” Title Prefix
60 Premium Awoken Coldiron Greaves Cosmetic Boots
61 Premium Coldiron Simulacra Cosmetic Focus
63 Premium “Worm” Title Suffix
64 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
65 Premium Heartglow Brazier Mount Trophy
66 Premium Gilded Coldiron Crozier Cosmetic Staff
67 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
69 Premium I Will Rip Your Soul Apart Emote
70 Premium Awoken Coldiron Breeches Cosmetic Pants
71 Premium Coldiron Maul Cosmetic Two-Handed Mace
73 Premium Hero Overwhelmed Tombstone
74 Premium Platinum x60 Currency
75 Premium Artisan’s Headwrap Cosmetic Helm
76 Premium Gilded Coldiron Guillotine Cosmetic Two-Handed Scythe
79 Premium Die! Emote
80 Premium Awoken Coldiron Hauberk Cosmetic Chest Armor
81 Premium Coldirong Cudgel Cosmetic mace
83 Premium Gilded Coldiron Arbalest Cosmetic Crossbow
84 Premium Platinum x66 Currency
85 Premium Coldiron Rod Cosmetic Wand
86 Premium Prepare For Oblivion! Emote
87 Premium Gilded Coldiron Poleaxe Cosmetic Polearm
89 Premium Awoken Coldiron Casque Cosmetic Helm
90 Premium Awoken Coldiron Barding Mount Armor

Accelerated Battle Pass Rewards

The Accelerate Battle Pass provides all the bonuses in the Premium Battle Pass plus 20 Tier Skips, to earn rewards faster, and an exclusive Emote: ‘On the Warpath!”. You must still meet the required character level to access Smoldering Ashes and obtain bonuses for your seasonal character.

The Accelerated Battle Pass won’t let you simply buy your way to powerful boosts; you’ll still need to earn them by playing the game and meeting the necessary level requirements.

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