Dragon Quest XI Crossbow Target Guide

Early on in the game, after Gallopolis, you will be given a crossbow to aggro enemies from a far. There is also one other mechanic for this: destroying targets spread across the world. A burly man in a hood in front of the Palace in Gallopolis will set you on a quest to destroy all the targets in the world.

We have included the location of all of the targets. Some can be difficult to find, but with these maps, you should have no trouble!

The Champs Sauvage
Reward: 4 seeds of Therapeusis

The Costa Valor
Reward: 4 Seeds of Sorcery

Dundrasil Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Defence

The Emerald Coast
Reward: 4 Seeds of Magic

Gallopolis Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Strength

Insula Islands
Reward: 4 Pep Pips

Laguna di Gondolia
Reward: 4 Seeds of Deftness

The Manglegrove
Reward: 4 Seeds of Life

The Snaerfelt
Reward: 4 Sprigs of Pretty Betsy

Sniflheim Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Skill

Zwaardsrust Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Agility

All you need to do is go back to the man who put you on this quest and not only get a trophy, but a Happy Hat.