Dragon Quest XI Side Quest Guide Part 3

Here we have it: the last remaining side quests in Dragon Quest XI. It has been a long road, and you’ve already put in way too many hours, but it’s time to finish what you’ve started. This guide covered the remaining quests from 48-60 and they’re a little more challenging than the last two guides. Granted, most of them are still straightforward, but there are a couple that require some time to complete (most notably the first one).

Pointless Pride

  • Location: Angri-La – The High Hall
  • Reward: Seed of Skill x10
The first side quest post-credits, this can be a challenging venture. The reward certainly is worth it, but it requires completing time (or rather turn) trials. The task is to create a Legate’s Blade +3, which is a strong weapon to begin with as it has a critical rate +9%. The creation part shouldn’t be the challenging part; it’s completing the Final Trial in The Wheel of Harma. The problem with this trial is that Grand Master Pang continuously sends out backup every turn whenever an enemy is defeated. It can be an endless cycle. Thankfully, all you need to do is beat it, so while the other rewards are worth it, they aren’t necessary. I’ll still give you my character makeup in order to complete it within the 30 moves:

  • Team 1 – Sylvando (Whip) / Rab (Heavy Wand)
  • Team 2 – Erik (Boomerang) / Jade (Spear)
  • Team 3 – Hero (Sword & Shield) / Hendrik (Greatsword)
  • Team 4 – Veronica (Heavy Wand) / Serena (Wand & Shield)

Regardless, just finish the trial and you’ll get Orichalcum: Ore Blimey to be able to forge the Legate’s Blade. It does require a Black Tear, which can be exchanged from Krystalinda in Sniflheim for an item that can be stolen from most serpents and a Night Clubber in The Pernicious Peninsula (Gallopolis Region – Celestial Sands). Orichalcum is in the Battlegrounds, and Goobricant you should have received from quest “Some Like it Hotto”.

Sweet Dreams

  • Location: Phnom Nonh
  • Reward: Mini Medal x5
This poor girl just wants to sleep but the monsters outside keep making too much noise. Head out into the Southern Champs Sauvage and you’ll see large ghostly figures banging on some drums. These are the Malicious Bongo Bangos. All you have to do is kill one of them using Sylvando and the Hero’s Snoze ‘n’ Bruise technique. Once you do, the girl can get a good night rest and reward you with some mini medals.

Mister Vista

  • Location: Cobblestone Tor – Summit
  • Reward: Fantastick
Time to head back to the beginning of the game. At the top of the Cobblestone Tor you’ll find an gentleman looking for the best vistas around the world. To find this location, you will need to go to the northeast most area and play the Harp you use to get into Nautica on the portal to get into the lake west of Zwaardsrust Region. There will be a small island in here, so get in there and kill a mounted knight to steal his dragon. Once you have to dragon, fly all the way up and to the highest summit on the map to (just east of the south most section) where you’ll find a shabby old stone with a carving on it. And that’s all you have to do.

Might is Right

  • Location: Heliodor – Royal Square
  • Reward: Apollo’s Axe
Time to take down a flying Harmachis, but this is a little trickier as this is the first quest that utilizes your flying whale. Head on over to Hotto Steppe – Southern Whale Way Station, the glittering spot to the most southeast, and you’ll find a pretty empty area with one enemy flying around. Fight this enemy a couple times before a red-armored version of it rears its head. Simply defeat it and return to the elderly man to collect your axe.

Mistress Bev’s Perfect Prediction

  • Location: Downtown Heliodor
  • Reward: Pep Pop
This is one of the few Pep Pops you will find in the game, so if you’re looking to make the upgraded Dragon Quest VIII armor, you’ll need this. All you really need to do is find Mistress Bev some divine dew. Head on over to the summit of The First Forest, and on the ground near the small waterbed next to the dragons and sprouts, you’ll find the item you’re looking for. Return to the mistress and get ready to craft some new gear.


Now You See Me

  • Location: Downtown Heliodor
  • Reward: Mini Medal x10
This one can be tricky. You are tasked with finding the hide-and-seek king. Remember Xero from the side quest “The Shadow”? Well you’re in search for him. Head over to Octagonia and talk to the kid next to the orphanage about his hero. He will inform you he left awhile back towards Champs Sauvage. Head over there and go into l’Academie de Notre Maitre des Medailles and open the red locked door if you haven’t already. Our hide-and-seek buddy will be hiding in this room. It seems a little odd for him to be hiding out at an all girl’s school, but considering the reward is 10 mini medals, it almost seems reasonable.


The Legendary Treasure of Legend

  • Location: Hotto
  • Reward: Uber Agate of Evolution x3
A very easy side quest that will net you some powerful forging material. You need to find Iago’s special treasure, and it’s pretty close by. Head to Mount Huji and take the secret entrance. Head all the way to the end where you first witnessed the dragon of the mountain and there should be a chest of Hotto stuff just waiting for you.


Perfectly Pepped Paladins

  • Location: Sultan’s Palace –
  • Downstairs – Prince’s Bedchamber
    Reward: Pep Pip x4
Ah Prince, you always seem to need our help. This time it’s to locate a Pepper Tree branch, and what better place to find one than in The First Forrest? Or at least near it. Hop onto your magical flying whale and go to the Whale Way Station just behind The First Forest. At the end of the area you will find the branch right next to a tree. Take this branch back to the Prince and claim your pepping reward.


A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

  • Location: Lonalulu
  • Reward: Slime Crown x3
The fetch quests continue as you’re tasked with retrieving a crystal lily. This time we’re going north – way north where it’s a little frigid. Head to the Sniflheim Whale Way Station, and just slightly northeast of the locked gate you will find such a lily. Return it to the burly man and claim your crowns. Yet another easy side quest.


Morcant’s Mastery of Magic

  • Location: Angri-La – Lower Level
  • Reward: A boost to Rab’s magical powers.
It’s time to collect three tomes under the Ye Wizard’s Canticle collection. Where would one think to look for ancient books? Why The Royal Library of course. Head on over there and you’ll find three books on the first, second and third levels. I would suggest you also take side quest 59, Wisdom of the Warrior King in Havens Above to avoid having to redo these “puzzles” again.

  • Book I – Level One, West Side
  • Book II – Level Two, West Side
  • Book III – Level Three, Southeast Side


The Holiest of Harps

  • Location: Havens Above
  • Reward: A boost to Serena’s magical mending.
This little guy just wants to help out Serena and her abilities with the Harp. The only problem, he needs a Harmonicrystal to do so. Head on over to The Battleground Level B9. Basically the bottom level. The first time you went through here, you might have forgotten there was a locked door with a crystal sticking out of the ground. Now that you have the key, unlock the door and face off against the Crystalotl that guards the cell. He will drop the Harmonicrystal. Be sure to mine some of Orichalcum in the back before you leave.

Wisdom of the Warrior King

  • Location: Havens Above
  • Reward: A boost for Blind Man’s Biff ability.
This Watcher hopes you can find some tomes from around the world to better help Hendrik. These tomes are spread across the globe, but fortunately, they are in pretty accessible locations that it shouldn’t take too long to complete this quest. Only Book IV would take some time, so I suggest you complete this challenge alongside side quest 57, Morcant’s Mastery of Magic.

  • Book I – Sultan’s Palace (Gallopolis) – Downstairs – Prince’s Bedchamber
  • Book II – Heliodor Castle – Bottom Floor – Jasper’s Quarters
  • Book III – Southern Champs Sauvage – Promontory Cave
  • Book IV – Royal Library – Level 3, North

Lost Lovers

  • Location: Havens Above – Place of Legends
  • Reward: Luminary sword abilities become stronger.
Here we have it, the final side quest of the game. We’re not joking this time around. Anyways, you are tasked with finding Erdwin’s bracelet so it can be placed upon its statue in Havens Above. This will be greatly beneficial considering you should be using luminary abilities more frequently now. Regardless, its location can be found in The Disciple’s Trial (the left sprout), specifically The Cruel Crypt. What you want to do is ensure that the floor breaks beneath you as soon as possible so you can enter a room filled with slot machines. Head down the southwest hallway and turn the corner to find a treasure chest with none other than Erdwin’s bracelet. Simply bring it back to The Watcher and you are now even more powerful.