Five Essential Tips for Solo Players of Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Back in 2017, Ubisoft released Ghost Recon Wildlands, taking the squad-based shooter to the open roads and jungles of Bolivia. While Wildlands was designed as a co-op adventure for up to four people, the game offered several additional conveniences for those that opted to take on the dangerous open world by themselves. The biggest benefit was the AI squadmates, which replaced the unpredictable human companions with easily-controlled partners that made taking on larger enemy camps significantly more manageable. In the follow-up to the release of the follow-up to Wildlands, Ubisoft revealed that the AI squadmates would no longer be present, instead choosing to amplify the survival themes that the latest tactical shooter was leaning more heavily on. While this design choice benefited the world building and intensity of the final game, it also makes for a significantly harder experience for players that prefer to go it alone. To prepare for that more advanced challenge, here are five recommendations for gadgets, abilities and strategies for taking on the oppressive archipelago of Auroa.


Early on in your Ghost Recon Breakpoint journey, players are presented with the option of one of four different classes, each with their own gadget, bonuses and cooldown ability based on preferred playstyle. While a couple of them can still prove useful on their own, the clearest choice for solo players is far and away the field medic class. Although the healing drone may initially seem geared for teammate usage, it can also self-revive downed players, which is undeniably helpful when you have no one else to depend upon to provide a second chance.

Synchronized Takedowns

The skill tree of Breakpoint is massive and arguably a little overwhelming, so it can be tough to decide which ones are most valuable with your limited amount of skill points. For solo players, two gadgets in particular offer much greater potential than the rest, transforming tough encounters into more feasible scenarios. The first are the sync shot drones in the stealth section, which enable silent multi-enemy takedowns with a few button presses. With the assistance of your own silenced weapon, small groups of enemies can be swiftly eliminated with this powerful tool.

Determine Enemy Whereabouts

The second key gadget to take advantage of in the skill tree are the intel grenades, which highlight enemies within the radius of the device. While particularly beneficial in indoor spaces thanks to their ability to work through walls, intel grenades are best used during the beginning of taking on larger outposts, which easily present the greatest challenge for solo players. Knowing the location of a significant portion of enemies in these sizable locations is key for determining the best paths and strategies for remaining unseen for as long as possible.

Natural Camouflage

The jungles of Auroa are dirty and packed with plantlife, which can be taken advantage of when attempting to avoid the sights of roaming soldiers and drones. Much like in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, players can go prone and cover themselves in mud and dirt, hiding themselves from all but the closest enemies. Considering the dangers that being spotted, particularly by drones, can lead to, such as attracting helicopters or the high-leveled Wolves, staying out of sight is key when traversing the massive landscape.

Don’t Forget your Drone

With available gadgets dwindling the longer players spend away from safe locations, a growing reliance on your permanent tools is likely to emerge. Much like with the intel grenades, your personal drone can provide the upper hand with smaller or larger enemy groups, with enemy surveillance that is only limited by range. Although it requires much more manual work than the intel grenades, the drone can ultimately still offer the same strategic benefits that remain essential when taking on the opposing forces in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

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