Greenlight District: Papetura, D.G.U, Red Goblin: Cursed Forest, Spooky’s House of Jump Scares, GunWorld

It’s hard to find great indie games on Steam Greenlight when the service is so inundated with garbage. To mitigate this, our discerning staff works tirelessly to find the very best games and bring them to our Greenlight District. Here they are displayed for your perusal and consideration. We hope you enjoy this week’s selection.


Papetura (Greenlight) (Indiegogo)

While some indie studios are content resigning themselves ot outdated visuals, newcomer Petums has created a beautiful handmade world for its first project. Each environment in Papetura is hand-crafted by the two-member studio, and the pair’s use of light and and color is breathtaking. As a point-and-click adventure, Papetura’s stunning world is full of puzzles that will leave you scratching your head, even as you gasp in awe.


D.G.U (Greenlight)

On the topic of neat aesthetics, the clunky-cute of D.G.U looks fantastic. As an aspiring death god assistant, you ship off to the box-headed campus of Death God University where you must collect souls of unsuspecting targets in order to pass your classes. You’ll need to craft traps, deceive your prey, and manipulate their surroundings to make their deaths seem like accidents if you want to earn top marks.

red goblin cursed forest

Red Goblin: Cursed Forest (Greenlight)

If you enjoy a bit of masochism in your spare time, the brutal and unforgiving 2D platforming of Red Goblin: Cursed Forest looks to challenge and reward you in equal measure. In a place where magic and space-time don’t necessarily always get along, Artuo and Red find themselves jumping through various locales in different eras, searching for the truth behind their mysterious world.


Spooky’s House of Jump Scares (Greenlight)

YouTube regulars might have seen footage from an earlier version of this title in let’s plays from Pewdiepie and other big names. A near-insultingly cute take on spooky hallway simulators, the saccharine visuals of Spooky’s House of Jump Scares stand in sharp contrast to its tense atmosphere and relentless… well, jump scares. As an intrepid history buff, you decide the best use of your time lies in exploring 1000 rooms of Adventure Time-reminiscent ridiculousness. Much like Adventure Time, things in this world are much darker than they first appear.


Gunworld (Greenlight)

Dragons, guns and aliens abound in Gunworld¸a retro-stylized homage to 80s action heroes and classic games. Non-linear progression in an action-packed 2D world makes up the core of the gameplay, with your character capable of growing guns from seeds with a green thumb that would make most gardeners jealous. A must-play for fans of Ghosts ‘n Goblins.