Hardcore Gamer’s Game of the Year Awards 2021

While most would agree that 2021 has overall been a marked improvement over 2020, the video game industry (among many others) remained largely remote. Most gaming conventions were again cancelled or held digitally (including E3 for the second year in a row), almost all of the gaming events weren’t in person, and many in the industry simply haven’t had the chance to see let alone work with each other in person again. Yet through the adversity, there was yet again an incredible slate of games developed and released the past twelve months, helping keep the gaming medium of the most steady aspects in our lives.

Leading into 2022, we’ve revealed all of our Best of 2021 awards over eight days. Now that we’ve completed the long — but wonderful — quest, we’ve compiled all eight days of awards into a single hub for your convenience. Below you’ll find all of our awards separated by day and category. Read some or start on Day One to see the complete awards.

We think we’ve put together a darn good list and hope you feel the same. Please note that any game released between December 9 2020 and December 9 2021 was eligible for consideration.

* Day One: Story, Soundtrack, Performance, Technical Graphics, Artistic Design *

* Day Two: New IP, Sequel, Remake, Surprise, VR *

* Day Three: Sports, Fighting, Racing, Strategy, Puzzle *

* Day Four: Action, RPG, Shooter, Action Adventure *

* Day Five: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Handheld *

* Day Six: Expansion, Developer, Most Disappointing, Worst Game*

* Day Seven: Game of the Year *

* Day Eight: Most Anticipated *