NHL 22 Producer Breaks Down Superstar X-Factor Implementation

NHL 22 will be making its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in just a few weeks. Superstar X-Factors will be the driving force in the game as it makes its debut in the series, as well. Along with a change to the Frostbite Engine, the new generation of EA’s NHL series will surely supply a major change in how the game is played. Speaking with Clement Kwong, Producer for NHL 22, he broke down how the Superstar X-Factors will be implemented into NHL 22 and what players can expect.

[Hardcore Gamer] How will including superstar x-factors shape the NHL franchise going forward?

[Clement Kwong] While the key benefit from Superstar X-Factors is elevating superstars and creating new hockey heroes today, our goal each year is to invest in areas of gameplay that will drive separation and differentiation for elite players. From adding more players with new abilities, bolstering new players with unique animations, or adding new ways in WOC to customize your player builds, X-Factors has opened up an opportunity for us to do that in subsequent titles. In addition, we plan to update the players who have Zone/Superstar abilities as their season to season, real world performances dictate.

What kind of specific details can we expect to be showcased from the best individual players in the NHL with the superstar x-factors now included?

Great question, we actually are going to be going deeper on these in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for more information here soon. But in general can say that all of the Superstar X-Factor abilities are based on the real-life abilities of the player, so the NHL 22 Superstar X-Factor players should feel like their real-life counterparts.

The skaters are one thing, but how will the goalies be affected if they have superstar x-factor abilities?

Good question! One of the key considerations for the feature was making sure we covered the gamut of NHL superstars across all positions, including goalies. While there are a number of defensive X-Factor abilities that would be good counters for the offensive variety, goalies are also given elite abilities to stymie their opponents with seemingly impossible saves. Further, X-Factor goalie abilities can impact things like athleticism and positioning, reaction time, seeing pucks through traffic, etc.

Does the superstar x-factors play a factor in line chemistry for teams?

In Franchise Mode, line chemistry with X-Factor players plays a big role in helping you build a winning team. For example, while adding a single X-Factor player to a your first line might give you a small chemistry boost, adding additional players with complementary X-Factor abilities can provide a massive chemistry benefit. An example of this is pairing a player with a passing zone ability with a player who has the one-time shot ability. This system allows the player to explore and seek out different combinations that give them the best line chemistry based on their play style.

In the initial year, will we be able to edit x-factors for players like madden offers?

Yes, you will be able to view, customize, save your custom roster file, including editing the default X-Factor abilities for players.

Will the superstar x-factor play into the skill stick directly in terms of pulling off moves or will this be more ability-based?

Superstar X-Factors do not impact the ability to pull off skill moves like the lacrosse goal. These highlight-reel moments are still reliant on the player’s skill and timing.

Will legends in HUT receive superstar x-factors, as well?

Yes, HUT icons will definitely get X-Factor abilities, and we are going to go into deeper detail on Hockey Ultimate Team on October 6 as part of our NHL In-Depth series.

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