Lies of P Needs Boss Refights

Lies of P needs boss refights to provide players with the thrilling opportunity to revisit their favorite epic battles and showcase their mastery of the game’s formidable foes without having to replay the entire story

Lies of P is a thrilling soulslike game that takes the classic story of Pinocchio and transforms it into a dark, elegant, and immersive experience set against the backdrop of the Belle Époque era. Players assume the role of a puppet created by Geppetto, who becomes entangled in a web of lies, surrounded by unimaginable monsters and untrustworthy figures in the city of Krat.

In this unique soulslike game, you must adapt yourself and your weapons to confront untold horrors, uncover the city’s secrets, and make choices that lead you down paths of truth or deception.

The Boss Rush Demand

The Boss Rush Demand

Lies of P has captured the hearts of many players with its challenging and engaging boss fights. However, some gamers, like myself, are eager for a feature that allows us to re-encounter these formidable foes more easily.

Currently, to revisit a favorite boss, you must progress through the game once more, which can be time-consuming. In particular, Chapter 11 holds one of the game’s most beloved bosses, making it a tedious task to reach her each time.

For avid fans of the game, having a dedicated boss refight system is a must. We don’t want to restart the entire game just to relive the exhilarating battles we’ve enjoyed. Instead, a menu option to challenge bosses again would be much appreciated.

A Boss Rush Mode

One exciting feature that could enhance Lies of P is a Boss Rush mode. In this mode, players could select their preferred boss fights without having to replay the entire game. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Choose the Arena: Allow players to select which arena they want to fight a boss in. For example, facing Laxasia in Simon Manus’s arena can offer a fresh challenge.
  2. Double Trouble: Provide an option to battle two bosses or mini-bosses simultaneously. Imagine the chaos of taking on White Lady and Robber Weasel at the same time!
  3. Boss Duels: Let players pit two bosses against each other. This could add an intriguing twist, creating epic showdowns for us to enjoy.

Time-Based Challenges

To further enhance the Boss Rush mode and add an element of competition, the game could introduce time-based challenges. Imagine a scenario where players need to defeat a series of bosses in quick succession, with the goal of clearing them as fast as possible. To make this even more exciting, refilling pulse cells and grinders after defeating a few bosses could keep the momentum going.

Unlockable Rewards

Boss Rush mode could be even more appealing if it offered unique rewards. As you clear bosses, you could earn special costumes, weapon upgrades, or collectible items that showcase your mastery of the game’s formidable foes. This not only makes the mode more enticing but also encourages replayability.


Lies of P is a remarkable soulslike game that has captivated players with its thrilling boss battles and unique storyline. The addition of a Boss Rush mode, as well as the other features mentioned, would undoubtedly elevate the gaming experience. It would enable players to savor the most exhilarating parts of the game without the need for a full playthrough and foster a sense of competition and accomplishment. As fans eagerly await new updates and features, the introduction of a Boss Rush mode in Lies of P would be a welcome addition that keeps the game engaging and exciting for both newcomers and veterans.

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