Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Costume Guide: Chapters 6 – 10

Welcome back to our costume guide for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. In the last section, we covered all the costumes available in Chapters 1-5. Here we’ll take a look at where to find all the costumes in Chapters 6-10. Do note that there are no outfits to find in Chapter 9, so feel free to zoom through that chapter without worrying about missing any chests.

Like with the last 5 chapters, the same rules apply here. Some chests you’ll be able to see from a distance, others will require more exploration. If you’re told to go down a certain path, be sure to look around for a divergent path. Also be on the lookout for scratches on surfaces, movable blocks, wooden pallets or small holes. Some chests you’ll need help from your fellow Guardians to reach.

Do note that some costumes can be acquired early via pre-ordering certain editions. We’ll highlight them in their respective chapter. Despite this, all costumes can be unlocked in-game. Beware of spoilers, especially in Chapters 12 – 16.

Chapters 1 – 5
Chapters 6 – 10
Chapters 12 – 16

Chapter 6

Character: Star-Lord
Costume: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Make your way to Gustav’s Gurb Hole in Knowhere. Circle around the building and you’ll be able to get on top of the restaurant. Once up there, look to your right and you’ll see some stairs. Underneath the stairs and resting on red pipes is the chest. Jump down onto the pipes to claim it.

Chapter 7

Character: Rocket Raccoon
Costume: Nova Crops

You’ll end up in a generator room that’s down and lit with red light. Rocket will task you with rerouting power. In the first room is a pallet that Groot can lift to a platform. Once there, use the ventilation shaft to get into the next room. To the back-right of the room is another room with a locked door. Using the Elemental Blasters, shift power to the door to unlock it, hop inside and open the chest.

Character: Gamora
Costume: Nova Corps

You can spot this chest in Chapter 2 but can’t claim it till now. You’ll follow the path down an elevator shaft to a flooded floor. You’ll need to use the Elemental Blasters to shut down the power and then Gamora to slice open the grate. After that, the chest is all yours.

Chapter 8

Character: Star-Lord
Costume: Bad Lord

After escaping the enemy drone, you’ll drop into a vat of red liquid and follow a path through a tunnel. Look carefully and you’ll see the chest while passing through. On the other side, look to your left and find a pillar Drax can move. Have him put it down near the tunnel exit, platform up and the chest will be right there waiting for you.

Character: Drax
Costume: Cage Match

After the setpiece moment with the skiffs, you’ll ride up an elevator. At the end, turn around to see some objects on the other side. Go to that debris and find the chest sitting with it.

Chapter 10

Character: Gamora
Costume: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Shortly after entering the cave, you’ll happen across a flowing river. Rather than crossing, fight your way upstream towards the left. Behind the waterfall lies the chest.

Character: Rocket Raccoon
Costume: Hero of Halfworld

During your search, you’ll fight some rock-like monsters call Ogrodes. Afterwards, look to the back of the room to find a face. Next to it is a hole you can send Rocket through, allowing him to open a pathway. Follow it, seal some holes spewing toxic gas, and have Groot lift a pallet up to a platform. Follow the path upwards until you come to a ledge Peter can shimmy across. You’ll see the chest waiting for you as you shimmy on over.

Character: Groot
Costume: Annihilation Conquest

Found in the deep dark area where Groot produces light. Stick to the right to ensure you don’t accidentally proceed. Eventually, as you travel further back, you’ll come across a gap between rocks. Go past these rocks and look to your right to see a small fissure with the purple light of the chest gleaming through. Send Peter through the fissure to get the chest.