Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Tower (Shinya Oda)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.
*Followups are Persona 5 Royal Exclusive


Rank Ability Description
1 Down Shot Allows you to use all rounds to down one enemy.
2 Bullet Bail Chance to enter a gun-based All-out Attack after a successful ambush.
3 Warning Shot Able to scare enemies in negotiation to make it easier to obtain a Persona.
5 Ammo Pouch Increases the maximum number of bullets you can carry.
6 Cheap Shot Decreases the total number of bullets used to carry out a Down Shot.
8 Electric Slug Increases the damage inflicted by Bullet Hell.
MAX Oda Special Allows Joker’s gun attacks to ignore resistances and hit the enemy.

 Rank 1

How to Unlock: Early into September you will get a Request from Yuuki regarding someone at the arcades. Travel to the Shibuya arcades and talk to one of the men there to obtain some information regarding a cheater. After this, venturing into Mementos and try to complete the Request. Because this individual is cheating, you’ll be unable to land a hit on him. Retreat and from here you will need to go to the arcades in Akihabara and meet Shinya Oda to begin his storyline.

Followup Sure. +1 Do we have to? +1 Call me when it’s game time. +2

Rank 2

Response 1 Sorry… +2 Don’t compare me to you. +3 Praise would be encouraging. +0
Response 2 Let’s go. +0 What a rude employee. +2 Something bothering you? +0
Response 3 Are they strong? +0 Do you admire them? +2
Response 4 So do I. +3 They’re more than strong. +0 I’ll let them know. +3
Followup I’ll work hard. +2 If I feel like it. +0 So then I can beat you? +2

Rank 3

Response 1 Did something happen? +0 Let’s go eat. +0 Are you fasting? +0
Response 2 OK. +0 I’m not down with that. +0 Let me think about it. +0
Response 3 Are they bullying you? +0 Sounds like fun? +0 You shouldn’t waste food. +0
Response 4 That’s the spirit. +2 Want to learn martial arts? +0 You really love your mom. +0
Followup Sure. +2 If our schedules line up. +0 Any food requests? +0

Rank 4

Response 1 Calm down. +0 You’re being a sore loser. +0 Yeah, you tell him! +2
Response 2 Don’t get so worked up. +0 Get your revenge. +2 Pros are amazing, huh? +0

Rank 5

Response 1 It was pretty weird. +3 It happens. +0 He must’ve rigged it. +3
Response 2 You think you have a chance? +0 I’m sure you can do it. +2 Don’t get so worked up. +0
Response 3 Are you going to give up? +2 You need a new strategy. +3
Followup I’ll be cheering you on. +2 You’re a sharp kid. +0 Think you can take him? +2

Rank 6

Response 1 I can pay for myself. +0 If you insist. +0 Do you have enough? +0
Response 2 You should return the money. +0 You’re acting like one. +0
Response 3 That’s good. +2 I believe in you. +3
Response 4 A little bit. +0 Not at all. +3 I’m worried about you. +0
Followup Of course I won’t. +2 That’s up to you. +0 I’m your big brother, right? +0

Rank 7

Response 1 I haven’t done anything. +0 Calm down. +0 Bad influence? +0
Response 2 Take it easy on him. +0 Think about his feelings. +0
Response 3 Bring it on, lady. +0 I haven’t done anything. +0 That wouldn’t be good. +0
Response 4 What’s your mom’s name? +0 Tell me about your mom. +0

Rank 8

Response 1 She’s out to control. +0 No, she’s not. +2 Is that what you think? +2
Response 2 It’ll all work out. +2 I can’t guarantee it. +0 Believe in them. +3
Response 3 Is that too much for you? +0 Way to step up. +0
Response 4 Let’s save her. +3 That’s admirable. +3

Rank 9


Response 1 I’m glad to hear that. +3 That’s hard to believe. +0 Thank the Phantom Thieves. +2
Response 2 A little bit, yea. +2 No, that makes sense. +3 It means you’ve matured. +3
Response 3 He wants to win at all costs. +2 He’s too lazy to practice. +0 I wouldn’t know… +0
Followup Your wish came true. +2 You really think It was them? +2 You did a great job too. +2

Rank MAX

Response 1 Thanks to my hard work. +2 Thanks to my teacher. +3
Response 2 You got your revenge. +0 You made things right. +3 You made new friends. +3
Response 3 I’ll let you in. +0 Ask them yourself. +0

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