Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for October 17

Screenshot Saturday is a day to discover new things.  New games in development get a moment in the Twitter spotlight, and this feature pulls 12 of the more interesting or fun ones into a single handy article.  There’s zero guarantee the games will turn out as pretty or entertaining as they look, just that the pics below are nice to look at and worth learning a bit more about.  Don’t forget to click on the arrows for the animated .gifs, otherwise you’ll be missing 89.73% of the entertainment value as measured by actual scientificish processes.

Sharp Flint-  A survival game taking place at the dawn of man.  The Twitter feed says it’s during the ice age but this is a very pretty, summery-looking dusk/dawn encounter happening with the woolly mammoth, and the other screens are just as colorful.

Baby Elephant Walk-  It’s a Zelda-inspired adventure game where you’re a super-cute baby elephant.  Unlike Link, though, the elephant starts with all his abilities, even if resources to use them (like water for the flowers) aren’t readily available.  Still, and this can’t be stressed enough, D’awwwwwww…!

Boss 101-  Procedurally generated horizontal shooter, complete with the ability for the player to specify boss composition from the parts of dozens of different huge beasts.  Also kite flying, because there’s more to life than just shooting.

Untitled Brawler-  There’s no information on this cute little brawler yet but it’s looking awfully nice so far.  The short little naked guy has a good number and variety of attacks and they look like they land with a solid hit.

Slasher’s Keep-  First-person action dungeon crawl with a unique art style.  I’ve got to admit I’m not quite sure how slashing the back of the creature’s head counts as a face attack, but I’m willing to sacrifice a little realism in a magical dungeon crawl filled with inhuman monstrosities.

Forgettable Dungeon-  Another random dungeon crawler, although this time with a focus on humor and destructible voxelized everything, equal parts brawler and Zelda.  It looks all kinds of entertainingly ridiculous, so check out its Kickstarter for more details.

Copy Kitty-  Side-scrolling run & gun that comes in both a freeware and paid version.  Boki can copy the abilities of her enemies, and then combine up to three of them for a huge range of attacks.  The guy in the top hat is Savant, her uncle, and if you want to see him pull his best Bangai-o then that would require the paid version of the game.  The free one has a ton of content and is loads of fun, though, so grab it on for some good freeware shooting.

Grandpa Pip’s Birthday-  Another freeware game, this one is a cute pixelized short story about a town under siege from the undead, but not really seeming to mind all that much.  You need to sound the alarm but first, Grandpa needs his birthday cake.  There’s an order to these things after all.

Cure-  An RTS based around cellular activity, you play as a scientist engineering disease-fighting units to cleanse the host body of its ills.  The game aims to combine actual real-world science with proper RTS gameplay to make something that could be educational, although gameplay will always come first.

Kung Fu-  Super-early fighting game using physics-based animation so no two interactions look the same.  It’s hard to resist fighting with that high a level of floppiness.

Unnamed Demo-  I don’t know what it is, primarily because it appears too early to have a name, but I know it’s hypnotic.

Starfallen-  An alien-world survival game where you need to not only get from one day to the next but also solve the mysteries of the planet so you can go home.  Personally, I just liked the way this image looks like it only needs a few demons munching on people to become a Heironymous Bosch painting.

Bonus Image

Screenshot Saturday taken to its most literal end.