Screenshot Saturday Featuring Aeon Drive, Just Die Already, More

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we showcasing some of the most interesting little developments in gaming that developers, publishers and more have shared, either via the #screenshotsaturday tag or other methods! This edition in particular is where I had hoped to get things back on track after having to either take more time off or post shortened editions due to a prior commitment for the past month (and as such, sorry for a delay by a day as I re-adjust a little), but I admit I shaken up a little while browsing the tag on Twitter to see that in my absence, things concerning the typical Screenshot Saturday process for others has…kind of changed a bit. That may be a story for next week, but you might be able to see a hint of what I mean here.

Also, I decided not to immediately dive into “regular” Screenshot Saturday coverage, due to the MIX’s Game Dev Direct last weekend. Because there was still much work to be done, I sadly didn’t get around to covering any of the games featured there this past week, so I thought I’d make up for it here! This is but a small sample, though, and I suggest you check out the other featured titles at the link as well. For now, though, let’s dive into some of the impressive games that were showcased!

Aeon Drive- This particular game gets to lead things off because every time it popped up on Twitter, I skipped over it because I thought it had been too soon since I last featured it…except from what I could find, it actually HASN’T ever been featured here before! Well, let’s remedy that: Here we have an impressive-looking action-platformer with an emphasis on speedrunning as you try to gather machinery that mess with space and time as quickly as possible, and as seen here, it’s getting a co-op mode as a bonus. So consider that if you have a friend that can keep up with you.

Just Die Already- Have you ever wanted a game where you get to play as a crotchety senior citizen who wreaks havoc upon a sandbox city while being able to withstand massive amounts of damage and deal with insane physics? Of course you have! And now it’s coming to consoles as well! So this is the game for you, especially if you feel dragging around others makes for an appropriate birthday present (which it does).

Read Only Memories: Neurodiver- Alas, I haven’t had time to check out the demo yet, but if it’s even a portion as good as the original cyberpunk adventure game that I loved, I’ll certainly be happy (and excited for the Switch and PS5 versions as well). And playing as a psychic detective this time around should lead to many more interesting gameplay opportunities, so this should be interesting, to say the least.

Young Souls- At this point, it might seem like a risky gamble to release an indie beat-’em-up like this as an initial Stadia exclusive before heading to any other platforms. Then again, given how much I’m anticipating this game, a dream world would be one where a game like this is highlighted as a killer app for Stadia that leads to a larger focus on more exclusives. Hey, I can dream. For now, let’s just enjoy this clip that showcases some incredible co-op gameplay.

First Class Trouble- So did the recent beta for this social deduction game about trying to discover robot saboteurs on an intergalactic cruise ship turn out well? And if it did, is anyone sad that they missed out on it? Well, if you did, the game enters Early Access on April 8, so you should definitely have a reason to celebrate like this soon. Plus, who knows dancing might help convince others of your humanity.

Dark Light- Currently available in Early Access, this supernatural cyberpunk metroidvania game saw a major update, Wrath of the Dragon, drop earlier this year. But depending on your priorities, the even bigger update comes here, with the ability to enhance that retro feel even further. Or you can go wide, but either way, it should still make for a highly enjoyable experience.

Robot Lord Rising- Again, I feel I need to state that deck-building games really need to find ways to stand out, given how crowded the market is these days. So is attaching deck-building to an arena battler where you fight a ton of giant robots enough? Well, when you throw in some incredible characters and a nice dose of humor as well, then yes, that could very well do the trick.

Doors of Insanity- Also available in Early Access now, and also a deck-building game, this roguelike adventure also has its own ways of standing out, including a PvP mode and an emphasis on character creation, backed by a unique style. And as seen here, the new area looks quite challenging as well, so hopefully it’ll contribute even further to the making of one impressive card game.

Severed Steel- I’m not the biggest Call of Duty fan, but I can still say that one of its most impressive moment in recent games is a section in Advanced Warfare where the player character’s arm becomes damaged while in battle, meaning they need to fight their way out with only one arm, having to pick up dropped weapons because they can’t reload. And now here’s an entire game built around such a concept that’s headed to PC and consoles, stars a unique one-armed protagonist, and has even more kick-ass action like this, so yes, consider me excited.

Chenso Club- It’s classic side-scrolling action where ass-kicking android girls and more fend off aliens with chainsaws. Nothing more needs to be said, the sentence and this trailer should speak for themselves.