Screenshot Saturday Featuring Amber Isle, Venba, More

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, developers, publishers, and more show off bits of their upcoming projects using the #screenshotsaturday tag, and we’re there to gather up some of the titles that caught our attention the most and share them with you, maybe in the hopes that maybe this can help you discover the next indie hit! We’re still doing things just a little shorter for the time being due to my current workload, but we still have some impressive games to showcase, so let’s get right to it!

Anuchard- So the last time we showcased this action-RPG game, it was a bit more of a cinematic, and less of a full-on gameplay showcase. So let’s fix that with a little bit here showing our bell-wielding hero go up against a couple of unique enemies while dodging a barrage of frowny-face bullets. It looks challenging, colorful, and fun, and should hopefully be a blast, so we’re still keeping an eye on it.

Amber Isle- The Animal Crossing games may have fossils that you can collect for the museum, but does it have full-on living, breathing dinosaurs? It does not (although I admit I haven’t played every entry), so allow this game here to fill that void. Even the initial prototype looks quite impressive, and if you’re further interested, feel free to check out the developer’s Patreon page as well.

Venba- Okay, yes, this quick shot of hair-brushing isn’t exactly one that represents the game as a whole that well, but given that we’ve accidentally missed out on previous chances to feature this game here, it’s time to start remedying that. So click that link to the game’s Steam page, take a look at this beautiful narrative cooking game about an Indian immigrant mom in the 1980s restoring her recipe book, and definitely consider adding this potential gem to your wishlist.

Starbuster- Ah, classic 16-bit platforming action. There’s not much I can say about this game that the clip here already shows, except maybe that it also reminds us that low-gravity levels in these types of games can be an absolute blast. Heck, even with normal gravity, this would still likely be a great blast of action, so bravo.

Bonfire Peaks- Hey, speaking of games whose Steam pages you should visit, here’s an impressive puzzle game with a demo available that’s simple yet challenging, and features some rather impressive graphics. Plus you get to burn things! And who wouldn’t love a puzzler where the ultimate goal is to burn everything you have?

Last Man Sitting- I think the only reason I haven’t featured this game here that often is because even the game’s developer has noted how even its core concept has changed several times since its inception. But every one of them has still looked impressive, and this particular sizzle reel for this chair-based action game points to a version that we wouldn’t mind getting our hands on.

Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess- Just looking at it in screenshots, this grid-based action-RPG game certainly looks like a potential blast as you duke it out with nine goddesses with a team that you assemble in order to save the world, complete with a vivid and fun style. But a branching narrative can act as the cherry on top, adding to the replay value, and we can’t wait to see how that plays out.