Screenshot Saturday Featuring Atomicrops, Kunai, Many More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday here at Hardcore Gamer, where we pick the most intriguing games and developers that use the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to help promote their current projects! And with Halloween only a few days away, we know that you all have last-minute errands to run – seeing if it’s possible to pull of that André 3000 the Giant costume you saw Gene Belcher wear, making sure to omit that Air Supply song when adding the Ghostbusters soundtrack to your Halloween playlist, trying to figure out in advance which candy will have the biggest discounts the day after, et cetera – so let’s not waste time and jump right into things! Enjoy!

Flipping Death- Let’s actually begin with one of those instances of a game that has actually been released for a while, but that in retrospect, we need to give more love to: Zoink Games’ Flipping Death, another twisty puzzle-platformer about playing as the Grim Reaper’s temporary replacement, whose ghost-filled netherworlds are perfect for kicking Halloween off with. And now it has physical editions from Rising Star Games available for Switch and PS4 in North America, so you can grab one if you want both an intriguing puzzler and a case that can act as a spiffy last-minute Hallowen decoration/prop.

Atomicrops- It wouldn’t be Halloween without a notable use of bats, and even when farming in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland, one simply cannot ignore the spirit of the season. Thankfully, the current radioactive landscape means being able to not only produce unique blood-red fruits for our winged friends to dive their fangs into, but also ensure that they’re heart-shaped and pulsating. Wonders of the atomic age, ladies and gentlemen!

Knights and Bikes- You can’t also resist those midnight Halloween parties in spooky locations, even while on a fantastic journey to save the island you live on…even if the sudden appearance of puffins inspires less terror and more predictable jokes about sci-fi films. Although given these puffins’ proportions in comparison to our goose friend and the expressions on the faces of our two leads, these may not be ordinary fowl…

Kunai- Stepping away from Halloween for a while, let’s head over to a metroidvania game where you control a sentient tablet-headed robot that knows ninjitsu, because there is no way you should be able to resist any game with a concept such as that. And to prove the developers’ commitment to this idea, here’s a focus on a quality ninja run whenever the game needs to load a new area, which is definitely a terrific little touch.

Nowhere Prophet- And going back to apocalyptic wastelands for a moment, here’s a game that kicked off Screenshot Saturday a bit early, but still definitely deserves to be highlighted. The clip shown here expertly shows off a nice bit of gameplay for this roguelike, deck-building card game about traversing your way across a brutal sci-fi planet, and definitely suggests a game that needs to be on your radar.

Dicey Dungeons- The latest from VVVVVV and Super Hexagon creator Terry Cavanagh, what we have here is a roguelike game about battling with (and being transformed into) dice that will likely be just as brutal as its predecessors. Of course, being brutal doesn’t mean you can’t be accessible to those all over the world, as seen here. Nor does it mean not being fun, and so far everything about this game and its charming concept suggests fun indeed.

Ion Maiden- Speaking of old-school challenges, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrsion’s second chance at a hit game and a return for a 3D Realms FPS with the Build engine is still coming along nicely, as we’ve discussed before. And now the devs have teamed up with 1C to help bring the game to all major consoles next year alongside a PC release, so now even more people than ever can experience classic late ’90s shooter goodness.

Purgatory- An old-school graphic adventure game that has a classic setup for a horror tale worthy of the season, where our heroine searches a mysterious mansion for their friends when they’ve disappeared after a car crash one night in a remote location (the Swiss Alps, in this case). Judging by what we find here, though, it appears this is one tale of terror that isn’t going to shy away from dark twists…

Kaze and the Wild Masks- Well, if you think about it, a Halloween-themed level (or a level with giant flaming pumpkin enemies, at the least) was inevitable for this ode to 16-bit platformers. After all, our main character dons a series of masks throughout it all to provide them with various powers, so they were destined for trick-or-treating. Not sure what mask can get them out of a situation like this, though…

Go Go Kudamono- You know, with the recent release of Battle Circuit over here via the Capcom Beat ‘Em Bundle, it has made us wonder why we don’t see more nods to quirky ’90s Japanese arcade games and their offbeat aesthetics. Thankfully, now we have a top-down action game about a lime prince having to save their lemon girlfriend to fill that void, complete with quirky enemies to take care of. Yay!

Last Moon- A Zelda homage that decides to pay tribute to two different masterpieces from the legendary franchise, featuring both a plot about the moon crashing into the earth and a dark version of the game’s world that our main character finds themselves being transported to. As it says here, we’ll have to wait until later to learn more about the latter being used as a mechanic, but it still looks pretty impressive at the moment.

eXploder- We have many, many games that pay tribute to the 8-bit and 16-bit eras here in Screenshot Saturday, but what about the 32-bit era? Well, never fear, because here’s an action game inspired by the PS1 title Silent Bomber, acting as a unique inspiration. And as you can see here, this is one game aiming to be stunner in both its visuasl and its fast-paced action, so keep an eye out for it.

Scout’s Honor- Oh right, PAX Australia is going on right now, isn’t it? We haven’t had time for a full showcase, but here’s one notable game prominently featured there that we haven’t noticed before, with a clever and colorful premise based around Overcooked-style co-op gameplay where players have to work together to set up camp. Definitely some unique stuff that could end up being a potential blast.

Blood Opera Crescendo- Well, we couldn’t do a feature around Halloween and NOT feature a game called Blood Opera Crescendo. We would have to hang our heads in shame if we ignored that. Luckily, this adventure about a composer in 18th century Austria having to solve a series of grisly murders involving corpses being turned into instruments also looks stunning any other time of the year, as this detail-filled shot can attest to.

Primal Light- Well, we’ve started this week’s Halloween-adjacent feature with bats, so it only makes sense to bring in some skeletons to act as a proper bookend as well. Not much is known about the game that they’re featured in right now (aside from it being an action-platformer), but glad to see that they’re having fun with what appears to be some impressive combat.

Ooblets- Finally, here’s a dancing mushroom creature wearing a witch hat. Because Halloween. And because it’s too adorable to not include. I mean, obviously.