Screenshot Saturday Featuring Avernus, Othercide, Many More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! And as we’re finally heading into Summer, that means a potential drought of major video games to play, yet also a rush of video game announcements with E3 and Gamescom/PAX West bookending the season. Meaning that developers may have to work extra hard to get noticed, even with the #screenshotsaturday tag. This latest crop of games we’ve chosen to highlight this weekend had no trouble with that, though! So without further ado, on with the show…

Creature in the Well- So when you have a game with a concept as fun and as unique as a pinball/dungeon crawler hybrid, it only stands to reason that even the little parts down to the death animations should be as equally unique. And “shot by lasers and then chucked out of a well by a massive skeletal hand” is certainly a unique way to go.

Little Hellions- And speaking of unique concepts yet again, it really feels appropriate that something clever like an arena battler based entirely around teleportation that has character designs and visuals as eye-catching as this is going to be highlighted at an art showcase. It may be worth attending just for this gleeful insanity alone.

Avernus- Now, one could argue that mere images of the hub world don’t exactly showcase the more intense and creative parts of a top-down sci-fi/fantasy action game like this. Sure, it looks gorgeous, but how does it get the intense gameplay across? Well, that one shot of the massive piles of corpses may help. Here’s hoping you fare better than they did.

Othercide- When your troops in a turn-based strategy game are fighting cosmic horrors that threaten reality itself, you had best make sure that they can dish out attacks which can make even otherworldly creatures wince in terror. And as seen here, that certainly won’t be an issue for this promising game. Can’t wait to let loose with some of that…

Extinction Protocol- While this certainly does look like one impressive and intriguing strategy game, I do agree that the original website for the game didn’t do the greatest job in presenting it. The new site is certainly an improvement, though, simple yet showcasing the drone gameplay and tower defense segments quickly and nicely. Can’t wait for more.

Endling- One of my friends noted recently that between Life is Strange 2, The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and A Plague Tale: Innocence, we do have quite a few games now centering around taking care of/teaching children while in the middle of a harsh situation. Then again, we also have none of those taking the form of a ridiculously adorable side-scroller. Herobeat are a bit shy in showcasing footage from this game, but it looks damn fine so far.

Melon- Well, here’s another one to file under the category of “How did I miss this?” What we have here is an action platformer about a robot’s journey that has apparently been in the works since 2014, from what I can tell. And it’s clearly been fine-tuned since then, as seen with snippets of action and impressive visuals and settings such as this. Definitely glad to have this on my radar now.

Valfaris- …Eh, I bet you could take them. After all, in a game delightfully built around heavy metal sci-fi artwork, imposing foes with designs such as this would no doubt be commonplace. Plus, if recent roguelikes and action games have taught me anything, it’s the human-sized bosses that you should be afraid of instead.

MegaSphere- Ah, playtesting. Where you get to discover the most delightful and hilarious bugs, which can certainly come as a result of dealing with several notable mechanics. Gravity bending isn’t exactly something you get right without several attempts under various conditions, after all. Once ironed out, though, it should become part of an excellent action game.

FUBAR- A third-person action game about battling an evil futuristic corporation isn’t too interesting. But then you add an emphasis on drone combat, possible shades of a G.I. Joe satire, and nicely bizarre setpieces such as a battle against an evil toy store, and NOW you have me ready to possibly reach for my wallet.

Embr- A co-op firefighting game allows for insane levels of fun, an insane amount of moments in which you can potentially dick over your friends, or quite possibly both. but however you choose to play (the latter options, in this case), working equipment is certainly a must.

Relic Hunters Legend- In no universe should I need a caption to explain why this deserves to be highlighted. Just bask in its glory, dammit.