Screenshot Saturday Featuring Bear and Breakfast, Ghost Knight, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where talented developers and more take to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to show off their latest and upcoming games, which will hopefully become the hits of the future, and which we put a focus on! But this past week, this focus has mainly been on Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online and the amazing runs pulled off by insanely talented players, who ended up raising over $2.3 million for Doctors Without Borders, and are just wrapping up as I type this. And I highly suggest checking out their YouTube page for any runs you may have missed, including Buffet Table’s jaw-dropping Half-Life: Alyx run. And yes, I admit that I’m bringing this up just to make small talk, but who knows? Maybe some of the games featured this week will become beloved enough to lead to equally impressive speedruns of them in the future. And with that note, let’s get on to the games themselves…

Bear and Breakfast- A mix of management and adventure games where you’re a bear trying to run a B&B? That certainly looks and sounds charming, unique, and fun, and even manages to squeeze in a mention of TV Tropes, so it certainly has my attention! Though admittedly, that may be because this also could have been a perfect We Bare Bears tie-in game. Should’ve hired these guys, Cartoon Network…

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale- I’m getting some shades of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts from this platformer…except now you’re the ghost, trying to stop a mad king that’s opened up a portal which has unleashed monsters upon the land. But no matter what its influences are, it still looks like a solid platformer with an eye-catching style and some nifty boss battles, as seen here.

The Last Spell- Speaking of hordes of invading monsters, fending them off in order to protect your town in a tactical RPG like this will require you to come up with clever, strategic approaches…that just so happen to involve party members leaping into the middle of a horde and dismembering a whole batch of them all at once. Hey, whatever gets the job done, and whatever makes this a satisfying RPG!

Voyage- A gorgeous, hand-painted, wordless journey about two people just trying to get home…that may be interrupted by the occasional giant ghost snake that uses part of a wrecked UFO as some sort of armor. That’s not a complaint or anything, though. If anything, it makes me want to check out this journey more than ever, just to see what else pops up!

Yan’s World- Well, the resurfacing of this platformer turned out to be a bit timely, as Virtual Boy Wario Land made it’s debut at Summer Games Done Quick this week, becoming the first Virtual Boy game featured at any GDQ event. So it may have helped put a promising throwback to VB games such as this into the limelight, if only by a bit. And hey, here’s hoping this all gives the upcoming Kickstarter campaign a boost!

Yakuza Empire- Well, it may lack the likes of Goro Majima, but this still looks like a strategy game with a lot of potential, seeing you managing the clan in order to craft the Japanese crime empire of your dreams. But just because the emphasis is on simulation doesn’t mean that there won’t be bursts of action, as seen here.

My Work Is Not Yet Done- Described as a “pilgrimage simulator,” this game is set to be a unique take on survival games and horror, with the emphasis on being alone and lost, living out your final days as the last remaining survivor of a former empire. And indeed, there’s just something about the mix of stark, monochrome visuals, detailed pixel art, and sounds of nature that make things perfectly beautiful yet unnerving…

WE KILL MONSTERS- And while on the subject of monochrome visuals, pixel art, and scenes of nature, we come back to Glass Revolver’s latest, which as far as I can recall, hasn’t shown off any actual monsters to kill yet. But I kid, because the focus right now is on building an effective and captivating atmosphere, as seen here with two friends relaxing in a bit of a creepy forest.

Forz’o Gravity- Platformers based around manipulating gravity aren’t exactly anything new, but it’s the surprising bit of speed shown off here that caught my eye when it came to this particular game. A nice blend of colors and a cute and simple character design helped as well, but yeah, can’t wait to see what other levels are in store!

Keylocker- No other games featured in Screenshot Saturday have featured an alpaca farm run by clones, therefore all other games are inferior to this colorful cyberpunk RPG. Sorry, but it’s a fact.

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