Screenshot Saturday Featuring Beyond a Steel Sky, Last Oasis, More

Hello, and welcome to our weekly edition of Screenshot Saturday! And luckily for any developers who spent time this weekend using the #screenshotsaturday tag to give their latest games in progress a bit of promotion, the person writing this does not not live in the United States, therefore I am neither still in a food coma, spending time with relatives, recovering from being trampled, or anything similar, meaning someone is still here to go through all of your latest posts and see exactly what intriguing games popped up this time around! So without further ado…

Beyond a Steel Sky- Well, it only took over two and a half decades, but the classic cyberpunk graphic adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky is finally getting a sequel. It looks quite gorgeous so far, likely thanks to Dave Gibbons’ art direction, and manages to make the AI-driven mega-city you’re headed to look both beautiful and imposing, while also reminding us that regardless of the dystopian universe’s time period, you still won’t be able to escape the horrors of Circus of Values-style vending machines.

Last Oasis- Well, I would argue that if this were any other survival game, appearances be damned, you’re going to want any solid vehicle in order to get around. But this isn’t just any other survival game, it’s one placing emphasis on being nomadic, where you’re in a post-apocalyptic world that has you trying to outrun the freaking sun, thanks to an Earth that has stopped rotating. It’s a unique setup that appears to make for an intriguing world with equally intriguing gameplay, and it also means that you’re going to want some arguably more lightweight structures to get you around.

Monaka’s Sugar High Nightmare- We’ve seen more than a few games that put a twist on zombie fiction by having you play as the undead, but how many classic arcade games fall under that category? Well, regardless, now we can add at least one more to it. Although in this case, it looks like your foes are additional undead too, and now you’re speeding them up with a bite that gives them a titular sugar high as well. It looks quite colorful and insanely fun, and we can’t wait to see more of it.

Zealot- Well, we knew this action/adventure game had a unique mix of pixel art and top-down gameplay with 3D graphics, but I don’t think we expected any low-poly enemies blended in as well. But it still makes for a rather impressive sight and possible boss battle in this twisted world of religion and Slavic mythology, so we’re definitely for it.

Rising Hell- Now available in Early Access, this impressive-looking arcade-style action game sees you undetaking a brutal vertical descent in order to escape Hell. Because apparently, this version of Hell also loves to indulge in severe PUN-ishment on top of the regular torture. And yes, I realize my own soul has nwe been damned for that bit of writing. It was worth it.

UnDungeon- We never think too much about animations for actions such as heal steals, do we? Impressive effects for this roguelike, though I would personally see about adding a unique “WTF??” expression for the player character here, or something similar. Because while he looks like a more serious fellow, it might help to have them uniquely reflect the player’s mood in a moment like this as well.

Mina and Michi- A classic top-down puzzle/adventure game that gives off vibes reminiscent of titles such as the Adventures of Lolo games. It certainly looks like there’s an emphasis on co-op, but glad to see it looks just as fun if played solo as well. And indeed, gotta love those cheerful Spring graphics that make things extra pleasant.

Unpacking- If your first thought when you hear about a zen puzzle game that revolves around unpacking and putting items away after a big move in what appears to be a simple yet unique experience is that it must have been equally simple to make, then the developers have something to share with you. To make something simple yet enjoyable takes a lot of hard work, after all.

Komako- It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen this mystery adventure game lurking around Screenshot Saturday, and in the time between, it looks like some slight tweaks and enhancements have been made to its graphics. A lot about it is still unknown, as far as I can find, but still looks like an eye-catching and intriguing world.

The Big Con- Well, this is an adventure game set in the ’90s, and there was a lot in the decade that may have seemed like a good idea at the time but ended up being a huge mistake, especially when you’re a kid, so that’s the interpretation I’ll walk away with, despite what bullet holes say…

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