Screenshot Saturday Featuring Bottomless, Sunset Devils, More

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! So Not-E3 may be coming to a close – if only because the virtual GDC, Gamescom and PAX events will be starting soon – but we still have several interesting games from inside and outside of it popping up, with developers, publishers, and more using the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to give us little peeks at them. Per usual, we have gathered a crop of said games here for you to check out and enjoy, as a tiny Summer treat to enjoy in between finding ways to beat the heat. So let’s get on with the show already!

Bottomless- This metroidvania game about exploring the depths of Antarctica in order to uncover certain mysteries sounds really damn good, with darkness and environmental hazards ramping up the challenge the deeper you go. But to me, it just seems hilarious that tweets about it from a while ago asked “Who needs ropes?” and now the answer is “Us, apparently.” Then again, who am I kidding? If I had the opportunity to put both inter-dimensional augments AND exploding ropes into a game as power-ups, I’d take it as well.

Sunset Devils- Well, there’s never really a bad time for action games based on the Wild West, and this isometric shooter certainly looks like another stellar entry into that niche. Bonus points for the colorful and bold art style, which still manages to make this surprise attack in the making still look quite badass. Someone tell the undertaker to start working on four more coffins.

No Place for Bravery- When searching a war-torn land for your lost daughter, odds are that you won’t really need a forty-foot sword for the journey. Granted, it would certainly help, but a huge hammer will do as well. And kudos for using the sword to depict the scale of the war that happened, as well as helping to make for an impressive little cutscene.

Ghostlore- So from I was able to find, I believe the premise of this game can arguably boil down to “Ghostbusters, except it’s in Singapore and it plays like Diablo.” And that one sentence alone likely would have sold me on the game, but throwing in weretigers was the cherry on top. Well, that and the good-looking action on display in general.

Metamorphosis- I’m not entirely sure if Franz Kafka’s works ever included a scene where our now-insect hero gets whisked away to some sort of now-giant printing press that they have to navigate…but then again, Franz Kafka also never made video games. And if he could have dabbled in an interactive medium, maybe this is what he would have wanted all along. I mean heck, it’s certainly making for an impressive adventure game that I want, at the very least.

Drake Hollow- Some tools in tower defense segments are designed purely for offense, others for defense. But why not invest in the tools that provide both, for a deeper bit of strategy? Granted, it looks like you’ll need to scrounge around for an old van before you can build a unique bunker like this for your little Drake buddies, but something tells me it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Shadows of Doubt- Sometimes, detective work means snooping around as much as possible to get what you want, getting information from everyone you meat, remaining quiet as you try not to be noticed, and considering every possible solution based on what you have…but then sometimes, Occam’s razor simply comes into play instead. But hey, a deeper variety of solutions only makes things more interesting.

Company of Crime- Sure, Empire of Sin and its turn-based 1930s gangster simulation looks friggin’ sweet, but there’s no reason we can’t use the genre to explore crime syndicates in other settings and time periods as well. And London in the 1960s seems like a good place to start as well, with this particular journey looking like an impressive trip so far.

Your Dead Majesty- So the ghost king running this Twitter account from beyond the grave doesn’t seem to care much for the candy-themed enemy faction created for the RTS game starring him. But look at this way: When there’s a larger variety of creative enemies to battle, it only makes the king and their forces look even more impressive when they beat their foes in the end. Right?

Sunshine Manor- I mean, heading into a place called “Sunshine Manor” while in a horror RPG was probably tempting fate. Still, even with the demons and blood on the floor, it makes for one impressive-looking bit of fate.

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