Screenshot Saturday Featuring Catroom Drama, Featherpunk Prime, Eleven Others

Screenshot Saturday doesn’t slow down for bright sunny weekends any more than it does for the greyest January day.  The weekly exhibit of what developers big and small have been up to is always packed with a fantastic selection of just about everything, and this feature grabs twelve images plus a bonus to trim things down to a manageable size.  There’s plenty of games left out, though, and it’s always worth a browse to see what’s not included here.  As usual, don’t neglect clicking the blue arrows, because a moving image is a happy image.

The Pedestrian-  Puzzle platformer where you need to traverse street signs by linking up the doorways and rearranging the pieces of the level to make your way through.  While the game is as 2D as one based on the iconic images of a sign should be, the levels are set against nicely-rendered fully 3D backdrops, making for a fun contrast between the game and the world its set against.

Catroom Drama-  The crimes and misdemeanors that come through Judge Dingleberries court every day would wear down a lesser cat, but a true and pure dedication to feline justice prevails in the end.  Cats are nature’s scofflaws but they do like judging others despite an outward indifference, so it only makes sense they’d have a courtroom to preside over the accused.

Sogno-  Or possibly Sogno il Racconto, it’s hard to be sure.  Whatever it’s called, and for that matter whatever it turns out to be, that’s a really nice and atmospherically foggy forest.  While there’s not much information available, the rest of the screens on the developers feed are much brighter, and the imposing forest makes for a nice contrast.

Blade’s Edge-  Sandbox medieval adventure game with multiple factions all vying to come out on top.  You’ll have a lot of ways to interact with the world, but while subtlety is all very well and good it’s hard to resist the temptation to play with the pretty cleansing fire.

Featherpunk Prime-  A cyber-flamingo platforms its way through a twin-stick action shooter, which is just about the best description a game could hope for.  Here we see robo-flamingo facing off against its natural enemy, the Hooknosed Screaming Ghost-Thingy.

Slain-  Slain’s launch didn’t go as planned but the choice to move on to something new or keep at it until the game lived up to its potential went to the latter option.  Word is the controls have been massively improved (I don’t own this game but the Steam reviews are very consistent) and the latest notes show new levels and encounters being created.  One thing that never needed fixing was the art.

Age of the Wild-  It looks like a tribal RTS adventure, but information is limited to a handful of pictures so that’s an assumption.

Steel Assault-  NES-style action platformer that recently got an art upgrade to SNES caliber.  It looks a bit fancier but the 8-bit action is as appealing now as it was during the 2015 Kickstarter.

From the Verge to the Void-  Another info-light entry, but it appears you’re a pirate cracking open spaceships and searching for the best loot they’ve got.  Or maybe you’re a salvager claiming the best bits from unpopulated wrecks.  Whatever role you play, there’s ships with valuable goodies inside and a nice scanner is just what you need to improve looting efficiency.

PushHands-  A spinny camera to set up the fight and two combatants facing off in very close quarters.  They each use different martial art styles, and judging by the stage the rounds are probably pretty quick.

Racing Apex-  Sega Model 1-style racer, complete with low poly art and blue skies overhead.  Its eight drivers have a selection of unique cars to choose from, over 30 in total, and you can choose to race either with weapons and items or without.  Its Kickstarter was canceled while the demo is being worked on, and judging by today’s update it will hopefully be along soon.

Lune-  Sure, it’s looking a bit basic at the moment, but the second I saw what was happening the Starfox music (SNES level 1) popped into my head.  That counts for something.

Even the Ocean- A power plant worker gets tasked with investigating a string of outages, which eventually snowballs into an adventure taking her all over the world.  She’s got an energy bar that swings back and forth between dark and light power, with dark increasing her vertical mobility and light enhancing the horizontal.  It’s also got an interesting combination of art styles between the painted backdrops and pixel-art characters.

Bonus Image:

Unnamed-  The black oppressive squared-off shapes of the city seem to have done unpleasant things to the poor dead trees.  Hopefully there’s the possibility of foliage in their future.

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