Screenshot Saturday Featuring Chinatown Detective Agency, Metamorphosis, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Where developers and several others working on various video games use the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to provide little peeks into their latest work. And while we may not have an E3 to ramp up to this year, it would appear that a number of various showcases are popping up to fill the void, so this means that we can still expect to see several new developments and appearances from even more games in the following month or so. For now, though, we still have a crop of impressive games to look at (which should hopefully get a chance to appear at these showcases if possible), so let’s get right to it!

Chinatown Detective Agency- In hindsight, it actually feels kind of weird that I can’t recall a single indie adventure game that cites Carmen Sandiego as an inspiration, given that series is rather iconic. But now, we finally have a futuristic cyberpunk adventure game that fills this odd hole. Granted, I don’t remember any Carmen Sandiego games that involved hostage situations, but that’s just part of this impressive-looking game that promises some rather deep investigations. Definitely worth chipping in a few bucks for, so check out the Kickstarter campaign as well.

Metamorphosis- True, it isn’t the first day of spring anymore, but aside from time being meaningless in this day and age, that is indeed an appropriate quote for this Kafka-inspired adventure game about a man who gets turned into a tiny insect in a surreal world, given how gorgeous and surreal it looks. So not only is it a great-looking game, but it also renders you immortal if you’re impressed by this world, going by the quote, which gives you more time to appreciate it.

Paradise Killer- So LudoNarraCon is going on right now, a digital convention celebrating narrative-focused video games. And when considering unique narratives to celebrate, it’s easy to see how a murder mystery adventure where Paradise itself is killed that involves alien gods, demons, and psychic powers, among other things, would be one of the main events. And if you want to see if it deserves that status, feel free to check out the demo.

Aeolis Tournament- Air cannons and explosive dodgeball. What else can I say. I mean, this already looked like an amazing party game as is, with its colorful graphics and unique gameplay, but then they threw all of that in. Now I demand this game even more than ever, so kudos to the developers for achieving this feat.

Wildfire- Some were puzzled about why a game where you have the ability to create massive fires would be considered a stealth game, but I say the answer is obvious: It’s because you get to create freak accidents like this chain of explosives that distracts everyone. Well, that, or you can just kill them for the lulz. Either way, it looks like a damn fun time.

Gone Viral- Ah, nothing like a classic Running Man-style game, where is goal is to provide as much carnage as possible in order to please a bloodthirsty audience. But even action games and the shows inside of them need a little spicing up at times, so that’s why we have spike rollers to provide a nice and meaty challenge…and a way to bring in more viewers.

Last Oasis- When I do reviews, I personally like to use in-game screenshots whenever possible just to get more accurate snapshots of the game that I experienced, even if they don’t turn out perfect. So I am extremely jealous of the screenshots this post-apocalyptic survival game’s community has taken, including this shockingly superb and sun-kissed swamp. Gorgeous stuff to admire while running for your life.

Mutropolis- In contract to the previous post-apocalyptic world, though, here’s a more colorful universe where the focus is on archeology, trying to decipher the remnants of our now-forgotten modern world. It looks like some impressive stuff, and the fact that you get a little robot sidekick that interacts with duckies is a nice bonus.

HeroHoop- Alas, I couldn’t find many details about this game at the moment, if only because the developer appears to be working on several other projects and gigs as well. But even just looking at this gorgeous and detailed shot alone is enough to make you understand why someone behind something like this would be in demand.

Grindstone- Honestly, I was just jumping at any chance to feature Grindstone here on the site again. Seriously, its existence alone is worth the Apple Arcade subscription. It is an amazing and perfectly addictive puzzle game, and now we get a little behind-the-scenes look like this as a cherry on top. I demand you check this game out if you haven’t already.

Bonfire Peaks- We’ve all been there, man. Sometimes, you just get that one annoying puzzle in an intriguing game like this, but you just have to find a way to accept the challenge and power through it…or just throw it in a lake, that also works.