Screenshot Saturday Featuring Demons Ate My Neighbors!, ARTIFICIAL, More

Welcome back to Screenshot Saturday, our weekly roundup of the latest little showcases of upcoming games shared by developers, artists, and more via the #screenshotsaturday tag! We’re in the final stretch of the dog days of Summer, meaning it’s still ridiculously hot out there, but hopefully we can provide a little something to distract you from the heat, if only for a few brief moments. But once we’re past that, we have Gamescom 2020 and PAX Online to immediately follow, which should hopefully provide another ray or two of sunlight in an otherwise bleak year…but that’s getting off topic a bit now, so let’s get back to the Summer distractions! On with the show!

Demons Ate My Neighbors!- It only took about twenty seconds after seeing the phrase “spiritual sequel to Zombies Ate My Neighbors” for me to start throwing money at the screen. But even while paying homage to one of the best top-down action games with its gameplay, this roguelike game set in 1991 about exorcising demons that came out of a cursed VHS tape has its own unique flavor and sense of humor, as seen here with its impressive graphics and cleverly-disguised shopkeep. Here’s hoping the Kickstarter campaign coming in September is a huge success so that we can have even more of this!

ARTIFICIAL- What we have here certainly appears to be an impressive-looking physics-based platformer about exploring a ruined underground colony and discovering what happened while avoiding various hazards. But as seen here, sometimes the most hilarious hazards come as a result of tinkering about with how the physics and movements of certain objects operate.

Demon Turf- It might just be a reference to the Japanese sports drink Pocari Sweat, but it would actually make sense for a game set in Hell to feature actual sweat as a drink forced upon the public. And it does make for a nifty ad and photo op, hence why our lead character is taking a stop by it in between engaging in 3D platforming and beating rival demons into submission.

Mechanical Star Astra- Do you know one way to tell if a bullet hell game is going to be enjoyable? It’s when something as action-packed as this is just the FIRST stage of the game. So this definitely appears to be one dazzling shoot-’em-up, and we certainly can’t wait to see what delights future stages will have to offer.

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield- Well, this is quite the interesting tease. We may have seen Never Yield here before, but now it appears to have new levels to show off sometime soon. But it says a lot that even with a close-up like this that doesn’t even show the character’s face, it still conveys some intense runner action that should definitely a blast to experience in full.

Gran Adventure- While this is hardly the first game we’ve seen that stars a senior protagonist of some kind, it definitely stands out as a more action-oriented adventure. Heck, even the simple act of activating platforms makes this particular grandma seem badass. So we expect quite the interesting adventure through these ruined areas.

PERISH- I admit that the twisted part of me would have deemed it funnier if the player character immediately shot the priest after receiving the gun, but as is, this is still quite the epic introduction to a new firearm. A good FPS needs to provide a bunch of cool, satisfying weapons to use, after all, and it certainly looks like this revolver fits that bill.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage- Okay, I had never realized that I had wanted a hack-and-slash game where you play as a cat who rides around on a razor-sharp hoverboard that can become a sort of whip which is used to battle killer toys and some sort of giant glove creature until now. I mean, given my tastes, I should have seen this coming, but I am pleasantly surprised regardless.

Wraithbinder- The Songbringer follow-up is still coming along quite nicely, showing off new HUD improvements and the use of a new shader this time around. We also get another quick peek into the setting and the game’s world, with both the endless void and the eerie quote likely being the most ominous thing I’ll see all week.

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder- …Okay, I spoke too soon, THIS is the most ominous thing I’ll see this week. And who knew that a steampunk stargate could seem quite unnerving, yet also so awesome? Chalk it up to even more of the astonishing pixel art that should help make this one very memorable metroidvania game.


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