Screenshot Saturday Featuring Dordogne, Existensis, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we showcase the latest glimpses of impressive-looking games from talented developers and more, who share these moments through the #screenshotsaturday tag (or not, as we’re still in “anything goes” mode)! We’re heading into the holiday season now, and going by what I’ve seen this weekend, either everyone is preparing to wind down for the year, or preparing to wind things up even further, seeing as how previews for 2021’s potential best games will be in the works soon. Either way, we were able to gather up an impressive crop of games that may be destined for some of those preview articles, so let’s get right to it!

Dordogne- What might first seem like a simple narrative adventure about a woman revisiting her childhood memories in order to solve puzzles left behind by their grandmother clearly has much more care and effort put into it, as seen by this look behind the scenes. The mix of hand-painted watercolor textures with 3D settings and animation certainly grabs one’s attention, but it looks like the heartfelt story at the center will keep players hooked.

Papetura- And as long as we’re on the subject of adventure games that show just how huge the level of work that goes into making them is, here’s a point-and-click journey of a duo setting out to take on dark, fiery creatures that’s crafted entirely out of paper. So given this game’s world and the flame-kissed visuals, it’s no surprise that the devs go to near-Laika levels of photography in order to make sure even one level looks absolutely stunning. Definitely amazing stuff so far.

Existensis- And while we’re at it, let’s go for a hat trick in the category of games with an insane level of detail going into them. It’s actually a bit appropriate for this exploration-based platformer, though, seeing as how the story has you playing as an artist trying to create their magnum opus via a massive tower representing the journey of life. And this requires trips through gorgeous hand-drawn worlds made up of enough assets to…well, probably not create a massive tower, but potentially enough to at least stop a bullet.

HOUSE OF GOD- Apparently, Glass Revolver whipped up another all-caps action game in between ITTA and WE KILL MONSTERS, due out very soon. And unsurprisingly, it also boasts impressive pixel art and fast-paced action, as seen here with some grenade stunts as our protagonist fights their way through a train headed to heaven in order to save a loved one. It looks perfectly simplistic yet chaotic, and I guess we’ll see how well it fares soon…

Cryptozootography- So if what I’ve seen here is correct, this would be a turn-based puzzle/strategy game where the goal is to photograph cryptids so that they can eventually join you on a hike? So basically, Pokémon Snap blended with Pokémon and maybe one of those mobile Pokémon puzzlers, except starring really cute hybrid cryptid creatures as well? Okay, I’d say that’s enough of an intriguing blend for me to already cough over my money.

Cryptid Crush- Yes, we actually have two cryptid-themed games this week, with this one being a visual novel about a rare human moving to a town full of cryptids and solving mysteries, all while romancing a few as well. Actually, this one comes from an artist I’ve been following because of their terrific work and fun character designs, so I’m more than satisfied to see them tackling a project like this that showcases their world even further, and that also has a nifty demo! Now to just hope for some sort of Monster Prom crossover…

Asher’s Descent- Honestly, I don’t think there’s a lot I can say here that this clip doesn’t already brilliantly show off. Here’s a game with some breathtaking visuals where the goal is to simply descend down a mountain as best as possible, while going at a quick pace that allows for some simple yet definitely fun-looking action. That’s what we have, and that’s all I can do for now, just sum up the genius.

The Cork- This snippet comes from a little while ago, but the whole 2D action-RPG game in general stood out to me quite recently. While several retro-styled games either mimic the visuals of popular console games or go above and beyond with a “hi-bit” approach, here we have a more minimalistic angle. It’s a neat twist, and as seen here, the end result still shows that you can do smooth and satisfying Souls-like combat even with the smallest of sprites.

Echo Generation- So in case the Papetura example above didn’t convince anyone how proper lighting is a seemingly small let important factor that can help your game stand out visually, here we have one ray of sunshine that perfectly gives this turn-based voxel adventure’s hero a warm spotlight. Indeed, when combined with every other detailed bit in this room, it really does capture that carefree feeling of a childhood summer…even if this particular summer is spent battling monsters.

The Last Spell- Okay, from looking at the action seen here in this impressive-looking tactical RPG, the key to saving the world is to either take down ruined buildings in order to gain back money and resources…or to gradually break the entire world piece by piece, so the incoming wave of enemies won’t have a world left to destroy. Either option sounds like a great move to me!