Screenshot Saturday Featuring DoubleShake, Wandering Village, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every week, developers, publishers and more set out with the #screenshotsaturday tag to show off the latest glimpses into their various projects, and we gather some of the best (going beyond the tag and date in recent days) in order to showcase what could potentially be one of the next hit indie games. On the subject of finding the best, though, this Tuesday will see the latest round of #PitchYaGame, the exciting new initiative that popped up this year designed to do even more with promoting interesting-looking games and teaching how to properly pitch them. And to help support it, we’ll be trying out a new yet similar feature soon after in the middle of this week, highlighting some of the best entries! I do hope you’ll like it (and those who want to pitch can do so between 7 AM and 7 PM EST on October 27), although it will be replacing next week’s Screenshot Saturday for now (which would likely be filled with too much Halloween-related stuff to handle, anyway). So get psyched for #PitchYaGame, but for now, let’s see what we have this week…

DoubleShake- Let’s actually start things off with a couple of recent Kickstarter successes! First is a game that acts as an ode to fifth-generation platformers, but in contrast to 3D platformers, instead draws its inspiration from the likes of cult classics such as Mischief Makers and Tomba! It certainly looks impressive, perfectly capturing the aesthetics of the era while improving 2.5D gameplay in modern ways, as seen here. Really, though, any game deliberately comparing itself to Treasure will get my attention. For more, check out the campaign page, where they could use the help hitting some stretch goals…

The Wandering Village- Also looking towards stretch goals after an extremely successful campaign (having already reached its goal three times over, even) is this beautiful sim game inspired by the likes of Studio Ghibli, all about a society of settlers that create a new village on the back of a giant creature. It looks absolutely fantastic so far, and the twist of having to form a symbiotic bond with our giant friend should hopefully make for some terrific gameplay. Can’t wait for more.

Narita Boy- Speaking of Kickstarter successes, here’s one from a few years years ago that tends to pop on and off of the radar at times. However, it would appear that this retro-futuristic Another World-esque adventure is nearing completion, and just from this clip alone where our hero swiftly and smoothly takes out a rather imposing enemy, it looks like it’ll hopefully be a synth-filled, action-packed blast.

DeathStick- Okay, it’s a metroidvania game where a young girl named Mako fights off enemies with a stick and thus causes a lot of death with it, so the title at least checks out. But the more interesting part of this game is the ability to switch between parallel dimensions, opening up the possibilities of a bunch of unique worlds to explore, like the futuristic city seen here. Throw in the sweet action seen here, and you have yourself a deal.

There Is No Light- Ah, post-apocalyptic worlds and cosmic horrors. How good you two are at creating some rather striking and surreal imagery. It’s an impressive-looking scene from an impressive-looking action game, and makes me want to learn more about this mysterious fellow and what exactly happens when the leaves fall (I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that it won’t be good, though).

Roadwarden- Speaking of a mix of fantasy and the post-apocalypse, that’s what this text-based adventure apparently has a bit of, it a certain way. You are apparently the wandering stranger here, this world’s Max Rockatansky, exploring the land and trying to make a difference, gathering information for a merchant guild. It should be interesting to see more of this world as things develop, and even more interesting to see this text-based approach.

No Place for Bravery- Having played the demo for this game a while ago, I can also confirm that the time will also come where you die to this enemy more than a few times before you get the hang of things. It’s a tough-as-nails Dark Souls-like top-down adventure, but also an absolutely gorgeous one with a story that could easily grab a hold of you, so indeed, definitely consider wishlisting it.

Legend of Keepers- …Okay, I won’t lie, that’s a bit of an odd tweet. Maybe something got lost in translation? Is it just trying to say that this reverse dungeon crawler where you control the bad guys trying to defeat the heroes invading your dungeon has a lot of sweet villains and minions that are fun to play with? Because if so, I agree. Check it out in Early Access for yourself and see if you agree as well.

Shardpunk: Verminfall- Ah, sewer levels. It’s extremely tricky to make any that feel unique in this day and age, but as seen in the devlog, the team here is certainly trying their hardest to make the best levels they can for this RPG. Plus, when your main threat in the game consists of rat swarms – including humanoid ones – these types of levels are sort of unavoidable.

Onomatopeya- So this game appears to be in its earliest stages of development, and I couldn’t even find any real info about what type of game this is going to be…honestly, I think I just wanted excuse to show a picture of a cartoon flamingo for some reason. Though the cute hero and absolutely stunning art help as well.

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