Screenshot Saturday Featuring Power Drive 2000, Gunnihilation, Eleven More

The holiday weekend is no reason for Screenshot Saturday to take a day off, and this week had all sorts of fun and unexpected entries to look at between cookouts and being driven slightly mad by family.  The endless procession of games big and small getting featured under the Twitter hashtag makes every Saturday one to look forward to, although with an easy thousand-plus entries it can be a bit overwhelming.  This feature pulls 12 images plus a bonus from the pile based on what are probably logical criteria, maybe, but it’s always recommended to comb through the list to see what I didn’t include that might have caught your attention.  As usual, don’t forget to manually activate the animated images, because they’re far more fun when they get to put on a show.

Car Mechanic Flipper-  Car pinball!  You’re a mechanic batting a car around the garage to get it to the necessary sections of the board for repair.  The car is in terrible shape and nothing makes it fixed more quickly than bashing it against a bank of drop targets.  Look, if I wanted logic I’d probably have to give up video gaming entirely, ok?

Desperate Times- Horizontal shooter where you change ship every time you deplete the ammo of the current one.  It just landed on Greenlight on Friday and there’s an older free demo at  The enemies shoot an insane amount of bullets and you throw the firepower right back at them, adapting your tactics as the ship changes shape and abilities every time you deplete that thin red bar on the upper-left of the screen.

Spheres-  A little ball of light collects rainbow-bubble spheres dropping from the sky in a series of worlds suspended between Earth and the Moon.  It’s got some beautiful environments to explore during the journey, but as this screen shows there are some highly impressive explosions along the way.

Botlike-  Roguelike side-scrolling Metal Slug-style shooter where you’re a smoking robot in a top hat blasting its way across the levels.  There’s probably a plot of some sort explaining what it’s all about but at the moment it’s a bit too early for those kinds of details, but an epically huge battle mech rotting in the woods probably isn’t there because it ran out of juice during a nature walk.

DoGoS- Free-roaming overhead shooter.  This mini-video shows how to turn a useless section of ocean into an island populated by a few enemies.  Highly sped up, of course, but it’s fun to see creation in motion.

First Impact: Rise of a Hero-  VR superhero game where your city has gotten cut off from the world by the meteor strike that granted you powers.  Abilities come in four elemental flavors plus strength, and hopefully this perfectly nice city won’t get too obliterated as you take on the supervillains rampaging through its streets.

Gunnihilation-  Run & gun bullet hell shooter.  The two players in this shot just activated their Frenzy lasers to take out a horde of regular soldiers plus the four mechs patrolling the edges of the screen.  They probably could have gotten by just fine with regular machine guns but sometimes it’s fun just to dominate the action.  Demo over here and it’s well worth checking out.

I Am the Captain-  Be a really bad starship captain by crashing your ship into little planets then stealing the crystals from them to make repairs.  Warp to a new ship and do it all over again, or torment your crew by dragging them to a new planet.  This came from a Star Trek game jam and is an entertainingly silly little thing.  Check it out with a tiny little download from

Unnamed- There’s no information for this but it looks like a simple, blocky Earth Defense Force, plus you can shoot the legs off giant tentacle-walker robots.  Whatever this turns out to be, that’s the perfect way to start showing off just about any game, up to and including Tetris.

Ophidia- Mobile game where you’re a orobourous circling other creates of myth to consume them and lengthen your snakiness.  The art is simply fantastic, wonderfully angular and detailed, and it looks great in motion too.

Unnamed-  Mountain biking game.  The last one I can recall that did this was Downhill Domination, and while this goes the low-poly route for its art style it definitely looks like it’s tackling the challenges (in a videogamey way, of course) more like actual mountain biking.  Get the handling right and everything else should be a blast to play through.

Power drive 2000-  80’s style racer that’s been in development for a while, and with some nicely crazy courses to speed through in the works.  The initial Kickstarter demo was fairly flat and that was obviously always going to change, but this looks like a nice fantasy course dressed in all sorts of fun effects.

Bonus Image-

Mind the Trap-  You get your play testers where you can find them.  Sometimes the results aren’t quite as hoped for.