Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hell is Others, Dorfromantik

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we gather up a sampling of quick looks into impressive-looking games that developers, publishers and more have shared over social media! And if you’re wondering where this feature has been for the past couple of weeks…well, I won’t lie, I’ve gone through a mixture of burnout, frustration, various ideas, some apathy, and a bit of procrastination. But I suppose the former two, most likely. I don’t know if I can really explain what’s been going on with me, maybe it might become more clear sometime soon…hopefully, I can get a bonus edition or two to make up for things. But enough about me, let’s get to some games! On with the show and whatnot…

Hell is Others- Officially, this game made its Screenshot Saturday debut this weekend with an entirely different tweet. However, after seeing what else this game can offer, there was no way a single GIF alone was going to do this game justice. I mean, a pixel art horror/life sim/action game set in a weird dystopian city where you actually have to battle nightmares and other players to earn blood to survive? That deserves the full trailer, dammit. Consider this uniqueness a fixture on my radar for 2021’s most anticipated games.

Eastward- Okay, yes, technically this is just one of several screenshots contained in an entire update about the game’s current status, but dammit, the delays haven’t hindered my excitement for this game one bit, and I’ll jump at anything new we get. Here we get a look at one of the many locales you’ll be visiting during John and Sam’s journey, including an old but effective way to travel between those locales. Developers Pixpil are in the home stretch and working on the final chapter right now, and here’s hoping they knock it out of the park, because it looks amazing so far!

Dorfromantik- You know, this may sound odd, but whenever I would play a game like Carcassonne, I would always imagine just what kinds of weird kingdoms and villages I would be building with the tiles I had laid down. Well, apparently developers Toukana thought the same thing as me, because now here’s an entire strategy game basically devoted to that exact idea! It looks like something absolutely gorgeous, wholesome, and charming that I could probably sink hours into, so I can’t want to see more as it develops!

Eldest Souls- So as the name implies, this is a Soulslike fantasy action game, with an emphasis on tough-as-nails combat and brutal boss encounters. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be room in between for more quiet moments, those that illustrate the more haunting beauty of the game’s world. Granted, the beauty in this case also seems to involve more than a few frozen corpses, but beauty nonetheless.

Perennial Order- Of course, if you’re the the type who wants to see less haunting beauty and more insane boss battles in your Soulslike games, then developers Gardenfiend have you covered. It’s a nifty-looking fight with a terrific art style and what looks like some sweet combat…but don’t get distracted, because this is a game where one hit equals death. So good luck when you face off against the Fallen Rider here!

Sands of Aura- And if you STILL somehow haven’t had enough Soulslike games, well, why not add one more? And let’s go with one of its more eerie and disturbing locales to boot! I mean that in a good way, though, as it helps showcase some of the varied locales you’ll visit in this world buried beneath an entire sea of sand. It certainly does look like one promising dungeon crawler indeed.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia- Alright, now let’s maybe switch over from Soulslikes to metroidvania games…one with Soulslike combat, in this case, but a metroidvania game nonetheless. Still, expect quite a few terrors as you fight your way through this corrupted world, which includes this particular shot of creepiness. Hopefully, our protagonist will wrangle free just in time for more epic-looking action.

Crowsworn- Now let’s throw in another metroidvania game to help balance things out a little bit. This one is a metroidvania game with crows, which was shockingly enough to grab my attention. Well, that and the breathtaking graphics that also hint at an impressive fantasy world. Comparisons to Hollow Knight are inevitable, but if the team here plays their cards right, this should hopefully be a unique and fun adventure all on its own.

Akatori- And why not add one more metroidvania game as well to complete things (I swear this was all unintentional, by the way, I picked these games out first and the pattern came at random)? Of course, it also doubles as one of the many shout-outs this weekend to the release of Cyberpunk 2077. That said, going by that game’s reputation so far, it seems as though Akatori (previously known as DeathStick) may end up being the game that can actually run better. Or heck, even the more fun game in general, if it keeps up with the smooth platforming action.

Full Circle- It actually astonishes me that GIFs and videos have become so common in this feature now that actual screenshots almost feel like an oddity (even with three others in this edition). Which is odd, because as mentioned here, they can provide the better look at a game at times. In this case, we get to see just how incredible this throwback JRPG is shaping up to be. It’s the first official screenshot, but hopefully not the last.