Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hellpoint, Misshapen, More

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Each weekend, several developers and various members of the gaming industry take to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag, looking to give us little peeks into the latest indie games that they’re working on. Though I have to say that I’m a tad disappointed by what I found when combing through what popped up this time…not due to the quality of the games, mind you, but rather because there were zero posts that tied into the Lunar New Year. Kind of feels awkward when a big holiday is overshadowed by a Dolly Parton meme instead, just saying. But still, let’s celebrate the Year of the Rat with some more impressive games! On with the show…

Hellpoint- As Jason has attested to earlier this past week, this upcoming Souls-like action RPG does indeed not mess around. He did mention a potential path to a boss area, but didn’t specify if he took the path or not. If this is what was waiting at the end of that path, though, then he was apparently in for quite a massive, hopefully exciting challenge…

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy- Full disclosure, I have actually not gotten around to playing the first Unexplored game yet, so I can’t really fully relate to this scene. But I am still a fan of any good roguelike where you can fight over a dozen enemies with what appears to be some nice action, so first game or not, count me in.

Firegirl- Ah, one of the banes of many classic platformers: The moment where you have to wonder if taking a leap of faith is worth it. Could there be hidden secrets, goodies, or in this case, survivors in the area below that you can’t see? Or is there only death? Well, the column of fire suggests you head down, and our heroine is likely a truly brave sort, so…leap it is, I suppose.

Rising Hell- Whoa, whoa, whoa, do you mean to say that the denizens of Hell just might NOT end up playing fair? Well, I for one am shocked! But perhaps the answer to the dilemma here is explained within the game itself, which you can still check out in Early Access. Because attacks that ferocious should be able to rip through anything…

Misshapen- Well, that’s going to make for some interesting nightmares tonight. As mentioned in the tweet, the twist behind this first-person game is that you basically have to Cronenberg your enemies by warping their bodies with additional growths in order to progress. Weird stuff, but definitely an intriguing concept, to say the least, so keep your eye on this one.

NERVE- An arcade racer that sees you barreling down giant neon cylinders at huge speeds, trying to avoid traps dropped in your way. A simple concept, but one with a ton of potential. At the very least, it’s certainly quite the visual trip, and hopefully tough but fair when it comes to its obstacles as well.

Klang 2- I actually can’t say that I was expecting a sequel to this rhythm platformer from 2016, but I’m certainly glad it’s in the works! While it’s a given that it’ll have another amazing electronic soundtrack, the bit shown here thankfully lets us know that there’s still going to be some nicely intense gameplay as well.

Iris and the Giant- Battling your inner demons is never an easy task. Especially if you’re battling them in a roguelike RPG, and that they also tend to multiply en masse. Perhaps this was just some bad luck, per the genre, but those do seem to be some low-level skeletons, so screw worrying over how many there are…Iris should be able to take them.

Doors of Insanity- As mentioned in previous editions of Screenshot Saturday, there are a lot of deck-building and card-based roguelikes these days, so new entries really need to stand out. That’s why this particular one revamped its entire art style recently, down to being able to deck out your character in some rather…odd color combinations. It still looks impressive, and if you want more, you can check out the developer’s Patreon page.

Batbarian- Truly, there has never been sounder advice from a metroidvania game. Or from anything else, for that matter.

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