Screenshot Saturday Featuring Inmost, Carrion, Ada, More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we highlight the best that the #screenshotsaturday tag has to offer each weekend, thanks to tweets from various developers showcasing their latest projects! And seeing as how this has been a holiday weekend with everyone being busy, we’ll take things a little easier this weekend with a slightly smaller amount of showcased games (but only by about two entries), and by just diving straight into things, so enjoy!

Inmost- Yes, this is more of a poster as opposed to a pure screenshot, but A. It’s still composed of in-game artwork, B. it still captures the creepiness of this atmospheric platformer quite perfectly, C. we also get a potential peek at the layout for an area as well, and D. it’s our feature anyway, and we make the rules, so there. And besides, you try resisting something this impressive.

Carrion- When you’re playing as an ever-growing, pulsating mass of an abomination that hunts down unsuspecting humans as part of a reverse horror game, both physics and animation tend to play large, important parts. Which makes it all the more impressive when you see a terror such as this moving around so swiftly and fluidly. It truly is some amazing work, even for a creature that would gladly disembowel you.

Ada- Given how often this action-RPG pops up when browsing all of the Screenshot Saturday candidates, it truly is a joy to hear that a title that shows little bursts of delight and development week after week is about take a huge step forward by preparing for a Kickstarter campaign. We can’t wait to check it out next week, and with nifty snippets of the game such as the ones here, let’s hope for a success.

Exit Limbo- Billed as a “reinvention” of classic ’90s beat-’em-ups, this particular game involves an Italian zombie sheep dystopia and a protagonist that’s a rhinoceros with a split personality, all inspired by a concept album from the titular rock band. All of that is a big enough draw on its own, but if you’re looking for pure action, this quick video here still has you covered.

Dicey Dungeons- You know, we see a lot of various stages of game development here in Screenshot Saturday, but rarely do we ever get to view the actual charts and planning behind the scenes. So leave it to Terry Cavanagh to deliver both a quick shot of a battle from his latest roguelike along with the graph detailing the AI behind the enemy and how it responds. Just a particularly cool touch in general.

Marbloid- What happens when you combine the likes of Marble Madness with vaporwave aesthetics? You get a majestic-looking little mobile game like this, that’s what. It may consist more of floating VHS tapes than it does of cotton candy, but it still makes for an eye-catching world and puzzle game in general regardless.

Shakedown Hawaii- The sequel to Retro City Rampage is still highly anticipated by a good chunk of us, helped along by the various snippets of action released on a weekly basis. After all, when you see a punk running around this smoothly while effortlessly chucking explosives at traffic, it’s hard to not want to play something so gleefully chaotic.

Sparklite- When a good chunk of your top-down roguelike action game involves a hub town (on an airship, no less) where you get to upgrade various stores and settlements, you had best make sure these buildings and the characters inhabiting them have personality. And thankfully, the developers here seem to be achieving that goal quite nicely, as seen with this simple yet colorful shop.

God’s Gift- Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, this is at least the third game I’ve seen this year about commanding your own cult, and at least the sixth involving Eldritch abominations in one way or another. But none of them have taken on the form of a Lemmings-inspired puzzle game, which is quite intriguing, to say the least. So after you’re done with snack time here, perhaps consider checking the campaign out.

Krankenheit- I’m not certain if Doom 3 is still considered a cautionary tale or not, but indeed, proper lighting is important in an FPS, especially when you’re still planning to use dark areas. As noted here, success lies in finding a perfect balance between the two, and thus this indie FPS’ lighting is looking quite stunning so far (along with a lot of the game in general, really).

Thyrian Defenders- Naming a fire level “Pyrex” might be a bit too on the nose, but given that this is an ode to shoot-’em-ups from an era where such naming was common, I’ll allow it. And it helps that the action here looks terrific, along with the pixel art, making for what should hopefully be one epic ode.

Unpacking- A zen game about unpacking the various appliances and decorations for your new home, and properly placing them in and around the room, Tetris-style. Laugh if you may, but odds are you doubted the success of games about other chores such as checking documents at a border as well. It’s a unique concept that sounds like it could make for an enjoyable game, with the only downside being that it doesn’t make for action-packed screenshots, unlike the others. But still, cool-looking kitchenware!