Screenshot Saturday Featuring Kingdom Gun, ETUS, More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we highlight peeks into notable upcoming games that were shared by their creators and more via the #screenshotsaturday tag!

Given the pile of recent volunteer work I currently have one my table with the IGF and the issues I’ve mentioned in previous editions about keeping this feature fresh, alongside other problems, this week’s edition will be a tad shorter than usual, and likely will be for the next few weeks, if only to cut down the load slightly. I thank you for your patience in advance. On the bright side, though, today’s edition will be made entirely of games that haven’t appeared in Screenshot Saturday yet, allowing for at least a little extra freshness! So let’s get right to it!

Kingdom Gun- Okay, so by time you read this, the Kickstarter campaign in question for this 2D roguelike shooter will only have a few hours left to go. Thankfully, it already succeeded at reaching its goal after two days, and it’s not hard to see why. You get to explore an entire impressive-looking continent for whichever reasons you choose, and then promptly mess it up with a huge amount of guns and some old-school action, after all.

ETUS- Also something that immediately becomes irresistible: A deep space adventure with ridiculously cute robots and Super Mario Galaxy-inspired spherical planets to investigate. And damn, the amount of detail that clearly went into making this universe…it has to be applauded. Can’t wait to see more later!

Kokopa’s Atlas- Another game about exploring distant lands, this time starring one adorable-looking critter showing off their handy little multi-tool here. It’s used for farming, mining, even terraforming and more, according to the creator in the comments, so that definitely suggests a wide range of gameplay that should make this one fun time sink.

Circuit Superstars- Considering that we’re currently in an age where sports competitions and reality TV have to use virtual audiences to safely create the feeling of a crowd, maybe they should hire Alberto here to whip some better ones up. After all, the one here simply but beautifully does its job of adding a bit more excitement to this top-down arcade racer (not that it wasn’t exciting before, of course).

Pigeon Simulator- Okay, I admit that I’m not exactly the biggest fan of “Simulator” games where the joke is “Ha ha, it’s not really an accurate simulator” and the whole thing is arguably just an excuse to mess around with physics. But they can still be fun if done correctly, and, well, I can’t exactly say no to a scene like this where a pigeon flings someone around. So fingers crossed for this one.

Blastronaut- A procedurally generated 2D game about mining on an alien planet certainly needs a good way to stand out and grab someone’s attention, like with Kokopa above. But aside from giving players a jetpack to fly around in, this game is also nicely standing out in more subtle ways, as seen here with experiments in color to get the right look down.

BECKONED- Mixing turn-based and real-time RPG combat can cometimes lead to mixed results, but from the looks of things on the game’s Indiegogo campaign page, the team here seems to have a unique and hopefully fun system set up. Though truth be told, even if they also have a rich fantasy world also set up, the thing that grabbed my attention was the use was the use of a Phantasy Star-esque view for battles. It’s a small detail, but I dunno, I just don’t see a lot of that often anymore.