Screenshot Saturday Featuring Lonely Mountains, Exo One, Many More

Every week is all new on Screenshot Saturday.  The images and videos spill out onto Twitter at high speed, showing off as much as possible of the week’s progress on hundreds of games.  Some are huge, some indie, some student projects, and others hobby creations, but it’s all about showing the work in whatever form is appropriate.  Character sketches, editing tool images, entertaining bugs, but mostly pictures and video clips fill out the day.  This feature pulls a dozen images from the pile based on the criteria of pure visual entertainment, which is fairly arbitrary but seems to be the best tool for the job.  While the pictures speak for themselves, the video clips and .gifs need a little help, so don’t pass by without an inquisitive click to see what things look like in motion

Halcyon Plume- Half Panzer-Dragoon, half side-scrolling run & gun, half RPG in a sea of floating cloud-islands. Judging by the cute gondolier’s skinny little twig-arms, it’s way easier to navigate a gondola through clouds than water.

Just In Time Incorporated- Become an insurance agent in VR, except instead of processing mounds of paperwork you keep people out of danger with gloves that allow you to move in hypertime, preventing bad things from happening that would require an even worse outcome of needing to pay off on a policy.

Monarch Black- Become the deadliest butterfly the world has ever seen. Couldn’t decide which image to use then realized that the third option of “Why not both?” existed.

Unnamed- Kind of curious as to what they’d look like if they had to breed not just for distance and weird hill traversal but also using fins and chrome to attract a mate.

0°N 0°W- Cross-dimensional road trip through strange worlds and neon cities. Very info-lite at the moment but it looks like a great place to explore, even with that wild tangle of chaos on the far right.

Exo One- 3D science fiction Tiny Wings. A ball-ship explores planets by rolling over their hills, gathering energy as it goes, which it then uses to flatten out into a soaring ellipsoid for as long as the charge lasts. The alien landscapes are beautiful and the fancy camera effects make soaring through the skies and clouds feel like an escape from gravity, for as long as it lasts.

Line- Another from the “not much info yet” department, but it’s got clear blue skies, wind sweeping the rolling hills covered in deep green (tick-free?) grass, and a plucky girl hero with her faithful robot, so it’s off to a good start.

Unnamed-  Referred to only as “the lagoon game”, an onion couldn’t be happier on its tiny little island.  D’awwww….

Lonely Mountains-  Downhill Domination was a long time ago and also an arcade racer rather that just happened to be on bikes rather than a proper mountain biking game.  Lonely Mountains, on the other hand, is about biking down through the wilderness finding the best path in a low-poly environment, whether that be sticking to the trail or risking a vicious faceplant by taking a detour.

Blazing Legion-  Fly and shoot and never let the enemy have a second to breathe.  Super-dynamic arcade-style mission-based space shooter from Ethan Redd, who manages the rare trick of getting two spots this week.

Manifold Garden- Not actually posted on Saturday but for something that looks like that all rules are off.  Manifold Garden is a first-person exploration puzzle game where all surfaces have the possibility of being the floor and the world repeats itself into the distance forever.  It’s also pure architecture porn.

Skychasers-  Take to the air in a ship as fast and nimble as it is fragile.  The sky is a wonderful place, even when filled with bullets, missiles, contrails, shrapnel, and explosions arcing off into the stratosphere.

Bonus Image

Cardamom-  It’s amazing how hard we work to justify cats as not being the cutest self-involved animal jerks on the face of the planet, just because they’re furry and purr nicely when you give in to their demands.