Screenshot Saturday Featuring Loot River, Thymesia, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where developers, publishers, and more show off little glimpses into their upcoming games by sharing them via the #screenshotsaturday tag, and where we gather some of the most interesting of them into one spot! Well, we’re starting to truly begin the hype for (what will hopefully be) 2021’s biggest games, what with the Game Dev Direct, Future Games Show Spring Showcase, and ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase all having happened in the past week alone. So we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and we’re not even scratching the surface with this weekend’s edition. Just consider that a heads up for any possible increase in impressive games to try and wade through, I suppose, so apologies if we miss anything. But enough of that right now, let’s dive in with the latest games featured here already!

Loot River- If there was one game at the recent ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming Showcase that caused my jaw to drop and made me giddy with anticipation…it would be Death’s Door. But hey, this would be an extremely close second! The bizarre yet beautiful combination of Tetris-style block-moving and soulslike action games is just too much to resist, especially when topped off with some absolutely stunning pixel art and killer effects such as this. Consider me hooked even further.

Boomerang X- Having gotten some hands-on time with this game, I can confirm that the first few levels on their own are quite fast-paced and intense, even for the starting challenges. So I can’t begin to fathom what kind of insanity these New Game Plus versions of them must contain. But I do know it’ll likely still be a fun kind of insanity, no doubt.

Thymesia- This might be one of the few times concept art is shown off here, if only because the latest trailer for this brutal action-RPG game likely deserves its own news article instead of just popping up here. Plus, it is an impressive look into this particular plague-ridden world, showcasing a nice bit of horror and emphasizing the theme of disease upon immediate glance.

Summertime Madness- While we’re on the subject of artwork, though, how about a first-person puzzler where you’re a 1940s painter who ends up being trapped in their canvas after making a deal with Satan? A plot like that is more than enough to get me intrigued, but the potential for an amazing backdrop of surreal environments like this is what seals the deal.

Esse Proxy- Sometimes, though, all you want (or need) is a simple yet fun top-down action game set in a dystopian future. Well, simple when it comes to gameplay, anyway. After all, as seen here, a lot of hard work is going into making some impressive visuals as well, because with a game where so much carnage is likely to happen all at once, you need to make sure it looks damn good.

Dap- Have you ever thought about what Pikmin would be like if it also happened to be a psychedelic horror game? Maybe not, but that hasn’t stopped Melting Parrot from seeing what the result would be, and so far the results are interesting. And while you have a bunch of little creatures to command, you also have some bigger figures that help move the plot along, as seen with this nice fellow here.

Steampunk Timer- Is there ever a period where top-down, time-bending, steampunk action isn’t welcome? The answer, of course, is a hearty “No.” Especially when it looks as nice and chock full of action as this. Indeed, stay tuned for more on this game…

Clearings- I don’t know how the heck we end up missing a mixture of dice-based deck-building and potential cosmic horror, but we apparently did, so it’s time to fix this mistake. The impressive art style immediately draws you in, but it’s the unique-looking gameplay that makes one want to know more, so let’s add this one to our radar now, shall we?

The Companion- When you hear that a game is about the journey of a spirit animal, images of wandering through gorgeous bits of nature likely spring right to mind. And sure enough, it looks like this adventure will be filled with several such scenes as we head through it all. And yeah, I can see why this would be someone’s favorite level in it, if only for that breathtaking sky alone.

Kingdoms of the Dump- Even in an odd yet cute little trash-based retro RPG, you still want to make sure you include the little details that players will definitely appreciate, like interaction bubbles. The game looks even more impressive after this, but now I’m also just interested in this “Squire who Slept” and what punishments await them.