Screenshot Saturday Featuring Maddie Playfers, The Other Side, More

Well, it’s time for another edition of Screenshot Saturday, as yet another day has passed where talented developers take to the likes of Twitter and use the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to share little glimpses into their upcoming projects, and now we get to highlight some of the most notable games that popped up! And Halloween has now officially finished, so as the internet will tell you, the holiday season has now begun, meaning you can expect a lot of posts reflecting…um…oh, come on, seriously? Last week we had virtually no Halloween-related games or posts, but now we get them AFTER Halloween? Ugh. Slight frustrations aside, it’s a still a great batch of games, though, so let’s check them out!

Maddie Playfers: Freelance Medium- Appropriately enough, this was a game that actually debuted on Halloween, and just so happens to be a narrative-focused graphic adventure game about ghosts and the paranormal. As the title shows, you play as Maddie, a young woman try to start their own medium business…but whom also has anxiety issues that get in the way of using their powers. Not much else is known about the game right now, but this one shot alone features a terrific art style, cool designs, a light-hearted tone, and seems to provide a good showcase of its unique premise, so here’s hoping for the best!

The Other Side- If you’re looking for another quirky and colorful tale, except played from the perspective of the ghosts, though, then this mobile puzzler has you covered. It may seem like a simple, fun game about sliding around scenery in order to get a group of ghosts into the correct places, but it also reveals itself to be a journey about loss and acceptance, as our spirit friends discover who they once were and what to do next, all with unique visuals inspired by the likes of children’s books. Impressive stuff that we can’t wait to see more of.

Bloodroots- Somehow, I should not be surprised that a cartoonishly violent and action-packed game like this has a giant-ass scythe in it. Yet surprised I am, possibly because I didn’t expect it to be this giant. Or laid down right next to a convenient group of enemies that could use a good reaping. But hey, as seen here, you certainly can’t argue with the results of our new plaything.

Rising Hell- Currently available in Early Access, this killer vertical platformer where you you have you fight your way upward and out of Hell received a new update this weekend, which among other things, adds a new pair of bosses that attack you at once. And as seen here, you’re going to need to start mastering some skills if you want to get past them.

Cat Lady- Also currently available in Early Access, this dual-stick action game where you harness the powers of various feline allies just wouldn’t be complete without some sort of yarn-based attack. We didn’t expect the balls of yarn to be so massive, though, or have them shot out via rapid fire. Then again, it looks like an extremely fun attack and seems to get rid of ghosts nicely, so we can’t complain.

Jetboard Joust- A classic bullet hell arcade game where the setup is quite simple: Aliens have come to steal your babies, you have a jetboard and a ton of weapons, use said jetboard and weapons to vaporize aliens. And as seen here, this quick concept still manages to translate into lots of action, lots of explosives, and lots of high scores, which is sure to please any arcade fan.

Witchmarsh- When ordering around a group in an action/RPG game where combat can take place in real time, a proper UI is indeed important, and it certainly looks like the developers here are working hard towards perfecting it, even adding a sepia tone and film crackles when paused to capture that 1920s feel. After all, if you’re on a mission to tackle the supernatural, best to be authentic.

Lumote- Have you ever wanted to play a 3D puzzle-platformer where you control a squishy, bioluminescent creature? If not, there may be something wrong with you. For the rest of us, not only do you get a game that also revolves around possessing various creatures to progress, but you also get to beautifully light up the world in a vibrant shade of blue, as seen here.

Chicken Police- Ah, there’s nothing like a classic noir adventure game with a unique hook. Granted, in this case the hook is that you’re playing as a pair of chickens who are also detectives that are also in a love triangle with a Russian cat that’s also a lounge singer, but classic noir nonetheless. Plus, a humorous take on the genre is always appreciated.

Nom Nom Apocalypse- Why, thank you Sweet Tooth, I did indeed have a happy Halloween! Now please kindly stay still while I blow your mutant food behind to smithereens. Hey, it was your fault for being late. Oh, and for eating a ton of people and being an enemy in a twin-stick shooter, I suppose.