Screenshot Saturday Featuring Mechajammer, Fuser, More

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we show off some of the best little peeks into upcoming games that developers show off each weekend via the #screenshotsaturday tag! And it looks like developers are also gearing up for the online Gamescom 2020 event, with a few already preparing virtual booth for the Indie Arena Booth this year, as seen with a few Screenshot Saturday posts. Granted, it’s going to be near-impossible to top Devolverland Expo, but it certainly looks like everyone involved will be giving it the old college try! But that’s a just a hint of what’s to come for later this August. For now, we still have a batch of other games giving it their all, so let’s get right to them!

Mechajammer- It may be a more futuristic world overall in this turn-based cyberpunk RPG, but as the game uniquely takes place in a jungle colony, sometimes you may find the need to borrow from the classics in order to gain a bigger advantage. And even if the rest of the game isn’t an Arnie-fest, it still looks like a rather deep and fun piece of work.

Firegirl- This colorful little firefighting platformer finally returns to Screenshot Saturday, complete with a surprise reveal that another publisher is helping to give this game a hand! It’s unknown who decided to help out right now, but indeed, as seen with the enhanced visuals here, it looks like their investment will definitely be paying off.

Fuser- Okay, I fully admit that I didn’t expect to see a developer such as Harmonix pop up during Screenshot Saturday. But while their upcoming DJ-based rhythm game features a ton of hit songs to mash up, let us not overlook the insanely creative venues the team has cooked up for our fictional music festivals. Truly some eye-popping stuff that I can’t wait to play in.

Fireflies on a Moonless Night- Here we have a narrative-based platformer set in a world where the sun goes down, and will never rise again. But unlike similar tales where the goal is to somehow bring the sun back, the one tribe member who wasn’t affected by all of this now has the goal of awakening everyone else and leading them to create a new society. It’s fascinating stuff that looks intriguing even in this short bit, and indeed, I cannot wait for more gameplay soon.

Transiruby- I admit that I don’t know much about the Kamiko creator’s new game – if only because there’s a language barrier in the way at the moment, and I didn’t have time to run everything through Google Translate – but I do know that what we have here is a showcase of some of the background details put into this factory level. And it’s a simple example that shows just how much work is going into making this a quality platformer.

The Spider Cometh- In fairness, there doesn’t exactly seem to be an easy way to get to a lower level for cover, but then again, when you head to a desert planet during your space-faring adventure, you should probably prepare for hazards like this well in advance. Consider that a little Protip ahead of time for this charming turn-based strategy game.

Exit Limbo- The setup for this particular game sees our anthropomorphic rhino friend falling asleep and somehow waking up in a dystopian parallel universe. Luckily, where some things have clearly changed, he still gets to test out his classic beat-’em-up skills on some bizarre creatures who had the bad luck of confronting him near some sort of grinder. Fun old-school action indeed!

Iron Meat- So this is a game that describes itself as a “grindhouse gunner” and…well, yeah, even just going by this bit of action alone, that seems pretty accurate. It’s yet more old-school action about trying to stop chaotic beings that are loose on Mars, and it looks pretty slick. Filled to the brim with corpses, but slick nonetheless.

Bonfire Peaks- This is voxel art so unbelievably lush and gorgeous that, for at least a brief moment, it makes you forget that this is actually a puzzle game about burning stuff. Well, burning specific stuff that you need to get to the fire by crafting certain routes. But as this game will be tougher than it looks, you’re likely going to be stuck on some levels for a while, so yeah, best to have some incredible scenery in those levels to get used to.

Kraken Academy!!- Yep, this seems pretty accurate. The temperature, I mean, not so much the game about a high schooler being gifted time travel powers by a magical kraken. But said game also looks quite impressive as well, so even if certain parts are inaccurate, it’ll hopefully be a ton of fun.