Screenshot Saturday Featuring MegaSphere, Boneko, Many More

Well, it’s time for Screenshot Saturday again, where we gather up a collection of tweets designed to showcase some of the brightest and most promising stuff indie gaming has to offer soon, delivered in quick bursts for your convenience. And not even a massive heat wave can stop artists such as these from showing off their finest, although it did fry a few brain cells of the person currently writing this thing while be so hot hot video games so hotjfnfurikfeblv…GAH!! Okay…let’s just get on with the show so that some of us can get back to concentrating on escaping the heat somehow. Let’s go!

MegaSphere- Technically, this would actually be the third of a series of birthday-related tweets (you can see the others here and here), but any one of them still does a mighty fine job of showing off this 2D action-platformer (currently available in Early Access), especially when it comes to its stunning hi-bit pixel art and cyberpunk aesthetics. Truly, worthy of as much cake as possible.

Macabre- Not much is known about this title, save for the fact that it appears to be a top-down actios game, which will presumably contain some elements that may or may not be macabre. It also has a rather impressive use of monochrome graphics, as above clip can attest to, providing some promising and fast-paced action as well, be it clearing out monstrous forests or otherwise.

Etherborn- This is a puzzle-platformer based around bending gravity and exploring surreal environments, but for now let’s explore all of the various layers it takes to get a unique style and world as seen in this game, building everything up bit by bit. Always a treat to see a quick burst of making-of action.

Rifter- Due out early next week, this neon-soaked platformer has caught our attention thanks to its energetic grappling hook-based gameplay and synth aesthetics. But then you get a bit like this that shows off just how intense the multiplayer action can get, and suddenly Thursday can’t get here fast enough.

Boneko- It may have been posted a day late after the last Screenshot Saturday, but this is one of the lengthier showcases when it comes to gameplay for this charming platformer about a girl and her cat-shaped hat (or is it the other way around?), so damn straight we’re going to feature it here no matter what. Can’t wait to see more!

Incredible Mandy- Play as the titular Mandy and explore a series of fantasy lands in a journey to uncover the memories of Mandy and their sibling. Why exactly is a robo-buddha with giant fists getting in the way of said memories? No clue right now, but it makes for one impressive boss fight in a platformer such as this, as you can see.

She Dreams Elsewhere- So you’ve found yourself in a coma that requires you to set out on an RPG journey where you have to confront a series of nightmares stalking you and lurking inside your head in the eventual hope of waking up and escaping them? Well, look on the bright side…at least the leaves look pretty!

Above- Take to the skies in a simple arcade-ish flight simulator where you travel across the calm blue oceans of a flooded, post-disaster world where you can peacefully take in the scenery andAAAAAHHHHHHH WHAT THE HELL IS THAT OH GOD FLY FLY FLY GET THE HELL AWAY FROM IT AHHHH…*ahem* Very pretty, calm blue oceans nonetheless.

Moonrise Fall- When you find yourself with a giant bird skull acting as a mask across your face and having to photograph and investigate the denizens of a mysterious forest that you wound up in after a car crash, odds are any revelations by the end surrounding all of this aren’t going to be all that happy. But at least you get to be in what looks like a promising adventure game.

Pig Eat Ball- When you have an arcade game where your main character has to eat and vomit up various objects to advance as the game’s central mechanic, it’s a given that there’s going to be food-based obstacles at some point. We did not expect giant sriracha bottles, though, but it is an oddly welcome addition.

Mr. Thready- Previously known as Voodoo (I admit to preferring that name, but I get the desire to stand out), what we have here is admittedly just a taste of the full teaser (as mentioned in the tweet), but even these fifteen seconds alone do a great job in showing off our adorable main character and the small-yet-large world this point-and-click adventure takes place in. The name “Thready” never seemed so impressive until now.

Ada- I’m…I’m sure he’s just sleeping. And even if this effect isn’t polished yet, everything else about this fantasy action-RPG looks quite stellar, from the detailed forests also seen here to movement and combat. Good luck when confronting active creatures this size if they show up, though…

Immure- And I’m sure she’s just sleeping as well. Then again, this is a psychological horror game, so there’s about a 50/50 chance that this may just be a hallucination, along with the childish crayon drawing that provide the creepy bit of contrast. If this does turn out to be real, though, hopefully you had the foresight to bring along a change of pants before being trapped in this mansion.

Planet Alpha- A game with some rather gorgeous graphics about exploring the alien planet you’re stranded on and advancing via the use of time manipulation to solve puzzles, interacting with the various wildlife along the way. As seen here, though, make sure not to disturb the space whales. Turns out they turned violent after the Enterprise brought them out here.

Ooblets- Just a reminder that we will soon have a monster-raising simulator where one of the creature is called “Pantsabear,” and our world will be vastly better off with its existence, Obviously.