Screenshot Saturday featuring Mighty Goose, Cat Lady, Many More

Ah, time once again for Screenshot Saturday! The weekly tradition that has developers, artists, publishers, and many more heading to Twitter with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to give us quick glimpses into their latest games, the ones that they’re proud of…although there seems to have been a lot more clutter this week. Usually, there’s the occasional few tweets not related to games at all from someone not understanding what the tag is for, or some jerk just spamming all the trending tags possible in order to get noticed…but there seemed to be WAY more of that this weekend. People promoting YouTube channels, dance GIFs, makeup tutorials, and more popped up way too frequently this time, suggesting there may be confusion or exploits when it comes to Twitter’s new update. But enough groaning, let’s get to some highlights of the most promising games this week! On with the show!

Mighty Goose- A lot of indie game fans seem to be quite excited for the upcoming Untitled Goose Game, but I ask you: Does that game have the goose pilot a tank and blast away enemies with robotic limbs? No? Well, then clearly this fun-looking run-and-gun game is the superior goose game. It’s a fact. And feel free to chip in at the developer’s Patreon page for more of it, if you wish.

Blasphemous- Well, in hindsight, given the rather brutal tone of this metroidvania game, yes, we probably shouldn’t have expected even the act of opening a chest to be easy here. On the plus side, fighting off a group of spirits like this should definitely provide a nice challenge.

GRIME- Okay, this is a rather impressive-looking metroidvania game with some lovely graphics and some impressive action, as seen in this clip, and I have indeed celebrated this news by adding the game to my wishlist…but what would this seem like in-universe? Wouldn’t this be like when you “win” a Spotify playlist in a promotional cola contest? Would our protagonist be kinda pissed? Ah well, it’s still kinda cute, and the game seems awesome!

Cat Lady- Grandma, of course, was always known for assisting with tutorials in twin-stick shooters. Ridiculously cute and charming twin-stick shooters at that. Now go team up with a bunch of cats to save her from a possessed household, and she may reward you with some ultimate advice beyond this.

Jenny LeClue- One of those lovely little pieces that shows just how much work goes into creating the seemingly simplest of scenes. After all, when your adventure game about a girl detective has a prominent framing device with an author penning the detective’s latest book, you want to make it look like the best office possible if you’re going to be cutting back to it.

Plunge- Ah, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing how your turn-based strategy roguelike game has advanced over the years. Well, getting a new trailer to celebrate your upcoming release is also rewarding. As well as being chosen to be one of the Pax 10 at this year’s PAX West. It’s a game that looks incredibly promising and nicely crazed that you should check out, is what I’m getting at here.

Widower’s Sky- Speaking of trailers for promising games and their upcoming releases (that I only learned about through Screenshot Saturday, though, this suggesting I need new PR contacts), here’s one for the surreal journey of a father, son, and dog heading across several strange planets. No word on when the Steam release is as well, but we haven’t had many prominent iOS games so far this year, and this seems like the gorgeous boost it needs.

Creature in the Well- I am not entirely sure why a robot in a pinball/dungeon crawler hybrid needs to make gumbo, or why they need to wear a cape while doing so…but I one hundred percent approve of it. Seriously, I genuinely want to see how this fits in.

The Meating- Mega Cat Studios are back again with another homebrewed NES game in the works, this time about the ghost of a minotaur who wants to reclaim the meat of himself from the rich assholes who carved him up for a dinner. You know, a typical NES platformer. And indeed, you want to make sure the journey to recover this meat looks as smooth as possible.

Renaine- Oh, poor placeholder mouse. Doomed to eventually be replaced by the likes of villager mouse, tailor mouse, or something along those lines. For now, though, enjoy your time in the spotlight as part of the attractive town for this lovely retro platformer.

Guayota- The language barrier does make it a bit tricky for me to deduce what this particular adventure is entirely about, but what we can see so far looks quite impressive nonetheless, especially with an attractive visual style such as this. Even if this appears to be a hub area, it still suggests a lot of work is going into every aspect of this game.

Super Lesbian Animal RPG- Dammit, creating an entire labyrinth full of neon is one of those things that I just can’t resist, so this JRPG about love, friends, and anxiety created a surefire way to grab a slot here. The gorgeous pixel art, of course, is the cherry on top. And again, for those who want more, consider supporting the development on Patreon.

Hojiya- A fun-looking platformer about plant kids where our heroes actually recharge energy during sunny days, requiring you to manage things properly. Though as seen here, maybe having too much energy can cause one to get extra jumpy at the wrong times…

Bearsus- So the vibe I’m getting here is “Divekick, but with bears.” That is more than likely an oversimplification, but damned if it doesn’t immediately get me invested in this fighter. I mean, would YOU ignore a fighting game with an all-bear cast? If so, you’re a monster.

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